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This week, Golroted malware is up to new tricks, SonicWall Hosted Email Security gets its stars, nefarious PDFs and Office files are running wild, and the classic board game ‘Risk’ foreshadows today’s cyber arms race.

SonicWall Spotlight

That Word Document You Just Downloaded Might Contain Malware – Verdict UK

  • SonicWall identifies malware in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Rich Text Format (.RTF) files, including the first known case of Golroted being spread through trusted file types.

Document-based Malware on the Rise, Businesses Warned – ComputerWeekly

SonicWall Hosted Email Security Garners 5-Star Rating – SC Magazine

  • “If safeguarding your network with the latest protection is something that you aspire to have, then SonicWall’s Hosted Email Security or Email Security Appliance should be on your shortlist of products to consider.”

What Does SonicWall’s New UK Boss Have in Store for the Channel? – CRN

  • SonicWall regional director Helen Jackson outlines the company’s enterprise expansion in the U.K.

Don’t Have a Risk(y) Defense Against Malware, Ransomware – SonicWall Blog

  • SonicWall’s Scott Grebe recalls his love for the classic board game ‘Risk’ and how its mechanics sometimes mirror today’s cyber threat landscape.

A Review of SD-Branch and its Progression from SD-WAN – TechTarget

  • In an exploration of SD-WAN technology, SonicWall is mentioned as one of the growing number of vendors to integrate the software-defined capabilities into its firewall offerings.

Cyber Security News

Cyberattacks ‘Damage’ National Infrastructure – BBC

  • New Ponemon Institute study reveals that cyberattacks against network infrastructure have successfully taken systems offline during the last two years.

Georgia Tech Cyberattack Exposes Data of 1.3 Million People – Dark Reading

  • An attacker infiltrated a central Georgia Tech database and made off with personal information on up to 1.3 million current and former faculty, students, staff and applicants.

Hospital Viruses: Fake Cancerous Nodes in CT Scans, Created by Malware, Trick Radiologists – The Washington Times

  • Israeli researchers authored malware to put the spotlight on security weaknesses in medical imaging equipment and networks.

New York Capital Hit by Ransomware Attack, Taking Services Offline – CNET

  • The city of Albany, New York, announced it was the victim of a ransomware attack, taking down several city services.

Why Phishing Emails Are Still Your Biggest Security Nightmare – ZDNet

  • According the 2019 Cyber Security Breaches Survey published by the UK government, the most common type of cyberattacks are phishing attacks, whether through fraudulent emails, or being directed to fake websites.

Apple Card, ASUS Live Update Backdoor, Statistics on Malware Attacks – Security Boulevard

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Cyber Security News & Trends

This week, SonicWall releases the 2019 Cyber Threat Report and hosts a live Twitter Chat!

SonicWall Spotlight

Annual SonicWall Cyber Threat Report Details Rise in Worldwide, Targeted Attacks – SonicWall Press Release

  • SonicWall releases the highly anticipated 2019 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report, delivering an in-depth look at threat intelligence obtained from more than 1 million sensors around the world.

The SonicWall Cyber Threat Report Infographic – SonicWall website

  • If you want to know the highlights of the 2019 Cyber Threat Report then look no further than our handy Infographic which breaks down the major findings.

#SonicWallChat – Twitter Chat

  • To celebrate the release of the 2019 Cyber Threat Report we hosted our first live Twitter Chat! SonicWall Threat Researchers took over our Twitter handle and fielded questions about the Threat Report from our Twitter followers.

Perpetual ‘Meltdown’: Security in the Post-Spectre Era – Data Breach Today

  • The growing frequency and complexity of side-channel attacks, including Meltdown, Spectre and most recently Spoiler, is proving a growing threat to security. SonicWall CEO addresses this specific challenge in a video interview with Data Breach Today at the recent RSA Conference in San Francisco.

SonicWall Report Paints Sobering Picture of Cyberthreat Trends – Silicon Angle

  • Silicon Angle review the 2019 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report, stating that the results “don’t make happy reading for security personnel.”

SonicWall 2019 Cyber Threat Report Says Canadian Malware up More Than 100 per Cent – Channel Buzz (Canada)

Cyber Security News

Virus Attacks Spain’s Defense Intranet, Foreign State Suspected: Paper – Reuters

  • An undetected virus infecting the Spanish Defence Ministry’s intranet may have been active for months. Sources suspect a foreign state is behind the cyberattack.

Toyota Announces Second Security Breach in the Last Five Weeks – ZDNet

  • Toyota announced that it has been hit by a data breach for the second time in five weeks with servers storing information on up to 3.1 million customers affected. Experts suggested that APT32 hackers might have targeted Toyota’s Australia branch as a way to get into Toyota’s more secure central network in Japan.

Ransomware Behind Norsk Hydro Attack Takes on Wiper-Like Capabilities  – Threat Post

  • LockerGoga is the ransomware that has cost Norsk Hydro millions but researchers are still unsure who has created it and, since many of those infected cannot even view the ransom note, what their intent is.

Digital Footprint, Age, Position Determining Factors in Email Attacks – SC Magazine

  • A recent study found that it is possible to determine whether a person may be targeted by a fraudulent email by checking factors such as if they were caught in previous data breach, or even their age – older people who have been online longer than younger people are more likely to have been affected by a previous cyber incident.


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Cyber Security News & Trends

This week, SonicWall’s Cyber Threat Report is just around the corner, Facebook stored passwords in a searchable format and a hacker sets off tornado sirens in Texas.

SonicWall Spotlight

Unmasking the Threats: A Preview of the 2019 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report – SonicWall Blog

  • SonicWall’s Terri O’Leary previews the 2019 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report, scheduled for release on March 26, including information about our upcoming Twitter chat.

Cyber Security News

Facebook Stored Millions of User Passwords in Plain, Readable Text – NPR

  • Facebook stored hundreds of millions of user passwords in unencrypted and internally searchable plain text for years. The company says there are no signs of misuse of this data, and that the password logging was inadvertent.

How Hackers Pulled Off a $20 Million Mexican Bank Heist – Wired

  • Flawed, unprotected and insecure network architecture allowed hackers to exploit the Mexican bank infrastructure and pull off a $20 million bank heist. This involved coordinating long distance communication, recruitment and training for hundreds of people but Wired reports that this was feasible because many would have been willing to work for less than $260 each.

Hacked Tornado Sirens Taken Offline in Two Texas Cities Ahead of Major Storm – ZDNet

  • A hacker set off over 30 tornado emergency sirens in the middle of the night in two North Texas cities. “It has become evident that a person or persons with hostile intent deliberately targeted our combined outdoor warning siren network,” Lancaster officials said in a statement.

Nielsen Warns US ‘Not Prepared’ for Foreign Cyberattacks – The Hill

  • S. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen says that the U.S. “is not prepared” to handle hackers backed by other countries, warning that an attack by a nation state against the internet connected device of an “average private citizen” is not a fair fight.

New Europol Protocol Addresses Cross-Border Cyberattacks – Dark Reading

  • The Council of the European Union has adopted a new EU Law Enforcement Emergency Response Protocol intended to prepare for, and protect from, large-scale, cross-border cyberattacks. It also aims to help law enforcement immediately respond to any cyberattacks that do happen.

Aluminum Maker Hydro Battles to Contain Ransomware Attack – Reuters

  • One of the largest aluminum producers had to shut down several of its plants to contain a ransomware attack after they were infected by a malware known as LockerGoga. The company say its intention is to restore encrypted files rather than pay the ransom.

DDoS Attack Size Drops 85% in Q4 2018 – Dark Reading

  • The average denial-of-service (DDoS) attack size shrunk 85% in the fourth quarter of 2018 following an FBI takedown of DDoS-for-hire websites in December 2018. Researchers believe that this decline is likely only to be temporary because the downed websites served as payment gateways rather than as the technology used to launch the attacks.

MyPillow and Amerisleep Wake up to Magecart Card Theft Nightmare – ZDNet

  • Hundreds of Magecart incidents are thought to occur daily but two U.S. mattress and bedding merchants are thought to have not acknowledged major attacks on their websites going as far back as 2017; attacks that may still be ongoing.

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Cyber Security News & Trends

This week, vote for SonicWall in 2019 CRN Channel Madness, Facebook suffers an outage worldwide, and one U.S. County pays a $400,000 ransom.

SonicWall Spotlight

SonicWall’s HoJin Kim has been nominated in the 2019 CRN Channel Madness Tournament.

  • CRN’s fifth annual Channel Madness Tournament of Chiefs pits some of the channel’s best-known executives against in each other. Vote for HoJin Kim now!

SonicWall Launches Security Solutions for Wireless Networks, Cloud Apps and Endpoints – CRN (India)

  • SonicWall’s Debasish Mukherjee is quoted talking about the release of new SonicWall products and the expansion possibilities for SonicWall in the Indian market.

SonicWall Now a California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) Vendor – SonicWall Blog

  • Being a CMAS vendor allows SonicWall to support K-12 education through the E-rate program, a Federal funding program that allows technology products and services to be purchased by school districts and libraries.

Cyber Security News

Hackers Use Slack to Hide Malware Communications – CSO Online

  • Cyberattackers have been using a previously undocumented backdoor program to launch an attack on users of Slack. A fully patched computer will prevent the attack but in cases where the exploit runs successfully it triggers a damaging multi-stage infection.

Web Inventor Tim Berners-Lee Calls for ‘Fight’ Against Hacking and Abuse on its 30th Birthday – CNN

  • On the 30th anniversary of its launch, the inventor of the world wide web called out three major “sources of dysfunction” affecting it; deliberate malicious intent, system design and the unintended negative consequences of benevolent design.

Facebook’s Daylong Malfunction Is a Reminder of the Internet’s Fragility – New York Times

  • A technical error by Facebook led to a worldwide outage that affected Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. The New York Times looks at how the more tightly woven a computer network becomes, the more likely it is that a small problem can grow into a large one.

Applicant Data Hacked and Ransomed at Three U.S. Colleges – Fortune

  • Three U.S. colleges recently suffered successful ransomware attacks. The hackers were able to fool college staff members into handing over passwords and then took control of databases that housed student applicant information.

Hackers Cop a FILA Thousands of UK Card Deets After Slinking Onto Clothing Brand’s Servers – The Register (UK)

  • Sportswear brand FILA are the latest company to suffer from a damaging malware infection with an attack similar to Magecart infecting card payments on their website.

US Senators Want to Know How Many Times They’ve Been Hacked – ZDNet

  • Two US senators have requested the US Senate Sergeant at Arms to provide each senator with both annual statistics about cyberattacks and a commitment to disclosing breaches within five days of discovery.

Georgia County Pays a Whopping $400,000 to Get Rid of a Ransomware Infection – ZDNet

  • Officials in Jackson County, Georgia, negotiated with cybercriminals to pay a $400,000 ransom after being successfully infected with ransomware.

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Cyber Security News & Trends

This week, SonicWall protects against the newest Intel chip vulnerability, millions more records are found unprotected online and Google Chrome has a serious security flaw.

SonicWall Spotlight

SonicWall Extends SMB Cybersecurity Ambitions – Security Boulevard

  • SonicWall’s Dmitriy Ayrapetov provides insight into SonicWall’s newest product releases, where SonicWall is heading and the benefits of unifying cybersecurity systems.

SonicWall Aims at Evasive Cyber Threats Targeting Wireless Networks, Cloud Apps, Endpoints – CRN (India)

  • CRN India review the new SonicWall releases in detail and Jeff Wilson, Senior Research Director at IHS Markit, highlights the need for cloud protection as provided by SonicWall Cloud App Security 2.0.

Cyber Security News

‘Spoiler’ Flaw in Intel CPUs is Similar to Spectre – Yet Dangerously Different – Tech Radar

  • A new Intel chip vulnerability dubbed ‘Spoiler’ is similar to the Spectre flaw that allows an attacker to exploit the way PC memory works. Attackers using the flaw can, amongst other things, view data from running programs which should otherwise not be accessible. SonicWall RTDMI identifies and blocks this threat.

Google Confirms Serious Chrome Security Problem – Here’s How to Fix It – Forbes

  • Google issues an urgent update warning for all Chrome users after a zero-day vulnerability was discovered being exploited in the wild.

An Email Marketing Company Left 809 Million Records Exposed Online – Wired (UK)

  • Researchers found over 150 gigabytes of detailed private data, including hundreds of millions of unique email addresses and personal social media accounts, easily accessible online after an “email verification” company left the records exposed.

Project Zero Discloses High-Severity Apple macOS Flaw – Threat Post

  • Google Project Zero researchers detail a new high-severity macOS flaw after Apple failed to patch it by the 90-day disclosure deadline.

A CEO Cheat Sheet for the Cybersecurity Big One – Forbes

  • Warren Buffet calls it “The Big One” – it’s the worst-case cybersecurity scenario for a company. Forbes provide a CEO cheat sheet with tips on how to prepare for it.

Cyberattack Planning Is Still Depressingly Poor, Even in Big Businesses – ZDNet (UK)

  • A report by the British government has found that while most companies have some kind of cybersecurity strategy in place, many have not tested it, or fail to fully understand the threats faced.

After the Breach: Six Key Actions to Take – IT Pro Portal

  • Contain, Identify, Determine, Announce, Offer, and Make Sure it doesn’t happen again – IT Pro Portal detail six steps a company must follow if they suffer a data breach.

Ransomware Warning: The Gang Behind This Virulent Malware Just Changed Tactics Again – ZDNet (UK)

  • The gang behind the GandCrab ransomware, who sell it through a Ransomware “as-a-service” model, are under constant cybersecurity scrutiny and continue to change tactics. Instead of targeting small networks they are now advertising to those who want to go after larger targets for a bigger payday.

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Cyber Security News & Trends

This week, SonicWall announces a whole range of new products, there is an investigation into cloud computing that finds that hackers can leave malware waiting for customers, and a study finds that cybercriminals are spending their money like rock stars.

SonicWall Spotlight

Slate of New Product Offerings Marks Rebirth of SonicWall – Forbes

  • SonicWall CEO Bill Conner speaks to Forbes about the announcement of new SonicWall products and services, including a new line of firewalls, and discusses how far the company has come since splitting from Dell.

SonicWall Enhances Wi-Fi, Cloud Apps and Endpoints Security for SMBs and Distributed Enterprises – Help Net Security

  • Help Net Security review the new SonicWall releases in detail and James Crifasi of Redzone Technologies talks about the Wi-Fi improvements to the Capture Security Center saying, “We are thrilled at the improvements in security, management, and performance the new series has given us.”

2019 Security 100: 20 Coolest Network Security Vendors – CRN

  • SonicWall is named one of the coolest network security vendors of 2019 as part of CRN’s 2019 Security 100 list.

Inside the Biometrics of Those Post-Brexit Blue Passports – ComputerWorld UK

  • SonicWall CEO Bill Conner spoke to Computer World UK for their story on post-Brexit passports. He talks about his previous experience as CEO of Entrust and the problems faced successfully developing biometric passports.

Cyber Security News

Hackers Can Slip Invisible Malware Into ‘Bare Metal’ Cloud Computers – Wired (UK)

  • Cybersecurity researchers have shown that cyberattackers could leave malware undetected on a rented “bare metal” cloud computer. Once successfully infected at the firmware level the computer would then wait for the next customer and infect them.

European Telecommunications Standards Institute Publishes New IoT Security Standard – Security Week

  • The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ERSI) published a cybersecurity standard for consumer Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The hope is that this will provide the basis for future IoT certification schemes that will be designed to prevent both the loss of users’ personal data and the recruitment of consumer IoT devices into botnets.

Persistent Attackers Rarely Use Bespoke Malware – Dark Reading

  • Cybercriminals have been found to be using open-source over custom-made malware because bespoke programs are more likely to trigger cybersecurity systems. In addition, the quality of readily-available malware is to a high enough standard that hardened cybercriminal groups are able to incorporate it into their own toolsets without having to make major changes.

Surge in Number of Data Breaches Reported to Commission in 2018 – RTE News (Ireland)

  • Both Ireland and the UK reported a huge increase in the number of data breaches reported to regulators after the implementation of GDPR. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Apple, all which have their European headquarters in Ireland, are named as having ongoing breach inquiries.

Over 25 Million Home Voice Assistants at Increased Hacking Risk – The International Business Times

  • A recent report concluded that the very rudimentary cybersecurity on more than 25 million voice assistants is leaving them at an increased risk of being hacked.

Why Knowing How Your Data Behaves Is the Key to Cybersecurity – InfoSecurity Magazine

  • “Data in transit” or “data at rest” – Infosecurity Magazine argues that thinking of data in terms of these two poles will help decide what kind of cybersecurity best suits your needs.

Cybercriminals Spend Like Rockstars – SC Magazine

  • A recent study found that while some cybercriminals use their ill-gotten gains to simply cover their day-to-day necessities, others are splashing out on luxury goods like flashy cars and jewelry.

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Cyber Security News & Trends

This week, ATM hacking is so easy cybercriminals turn it into a game, the flaws in blockchain are investigated, and the British Labour Party lockdown their data.

SonicWall Spotlight

January 2019 Cyber Threat Data: New Year, New Malware Attack Variants – SonicWall Blog

  • SonicWall’s threat blog for January 2019 finds that while overall malware attacks are dropping, the variants of malware are growing with twice as many new threats diagnosed compared to the same time last year.

Cyber Security News

Once Hailed as Unhackable, Blockchains Are Now Getting Hacked – MIT Technology Review

  • MIT Technology review traces how all blockchain technology payments like Bitcoin are vulnerable to “51% Attacks” due to the inherent structure of blockchain. Renting enough mining power to attack bitcoin would cost more than $260,000 per hour but, with lesser-known blockchain currencies, this figure drops dramatically.

Russian Hackers Targeted European Research Groups, Microsoft Says – New York Times

  • Microsoft reports that the hacker group Fancy Bear, often associated with Russian intelligence, are targeting European think tanks and NGOs in the lead up to the 2019 European Parliament election. Russian officials deny any links to the group.

Data-Spewing Spectre Chip Flaws Can’t Be Killed by Software Alone, Google Boffins Conclude – The Register (UK)

  • Although Intel announced hardware fixes for some of the Spectre vulnerabilities in 2018, Google researchers have concluded that the proposed solution of simply fixing the remaining issues with software is not a viable option.

ATM Hacking Has Gotten so Easy, the Malware’s a Game – Wired

  • ATM hacking is usually seen as easily preventable if basic cybersecurity protocols are followed. However, many ATMs worldwide simply never receive updates. As a result, theft from ATMs has become so easy that some hackers have turned their hacking malware into a game.

Ransomware Attacks Classified as a Felony Under Proposed Maryland Bill – Health IT Security

  • Proposed legislation in Maryland wants to lower the financial threshold for a ransomware attack to be considered as a felony from $10,000 to $1,000 USD.

POS Firm Says Hackers Planted Malware on Customer Networks – ZDNet

  • A Point of Sale (POS) company based in Minnesota announced that a security breach in January 2019 led to almost 140 of its customers being affected by malware. Full details are not available, but it is likely that any card details used on the POS systems while the malware was active were compromised.

When Cyberattacks Pack a Physical Punch – Threat Post

  • “Physical” cyberattacks, where hardware is compromised or physical infrastructure like a burglar alarm is attacked, now count for more than one in ten data breaches. Threat Post investigates the shrinking gap between cyber and physical security.

Data Breach Rumours Abound as UK Labour Party Locks Down Access to Member Databases – The Register (UK)

  • The UK Labour Party announced this week that its databases would be unavailable after confirmed access by “individuals who are not, or are no longer, authorised to do so.” It is likely this refers to the recently launched Independent Group of breakaway MPs who made headlines leaving the party this past week.

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Cyber Security News & Trends

This week, SonicWall highlights how the UK is taking malware seriously, there is an investigation into new vehicles that are vulnerable to cyberattacks, and an update on the average price paid for ransomware.

SonicWall Spotlight

Bill Conner: How the UK Is Taking Malware Seriously – Information Age

  • SonicWall CEO Bill Conner was interviewed by Information Age editor Nick Ismail on the changing cybersecurity landscape, how malware can be region specific, the possibilities of cross-border collaboration, and more.

DCC Inks Distribution Deal With SonicWall

  • IT products distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC) has been appointed as an official distributor for SonicWall in South Africa.

SMBs Need Layered Security to Defend Their Businesses – Forbes

  • Bill Conner, CEO of SonicWall, talks as part of the Forbes Technology Council on why small and medium businesses (SMBs) need layered cybersecurity. He argues that if you’re running an SMB online cybercriminals see you as an easy target and, without adequate investment in cyberdefenses, they might just be correct.

Cyber Security News

Is Your Car Hackable? Cybersecurity Experts Say It Might Be – USA Today

  • A modern car is full of small computers, but in a new survey of 15,900 IT security practitioners and engineers in the automotive industry, many acknowledged a huge number of flaws in the cybersecurity makeup of the vehicles. 62 percent of those surveyed say a malicious attack against automotive technologies is likely or very likely to occur in the next 12 months.

Trojan Malware: The Hidden Cyber Threat to Your PC – ZDNet

  • While Ransomware and cryptocurrency mining have been making the headlines recently, ZDNet investigates the quiet growth of Trojan malware – made possible by the huge number of recent breaches leading to targeted phishing emails.

Ransomware Victims Who Pay Cough up $6,733 (on Average) – BankInfoSecurity

  • A new report has found that in the fourth quarter of 2018 ransomware victims who paid the ransom spent, on average, $6.73; an increase of 13 percent from the previous quarter. Unsurprisingly Bitcoin is the preferred method of payment.

Two Hacker Groups Responsible for 60 Percent of All Publicly Reported Hacks – ZDNet

  • Blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis investigated publicly reported cryptocurrency exchange hacks and concluded that 60 percent could be traced back to two hacking groups.

True Crime: SamSam Ransomware I Am – SC Magazine

  • SamSam may not be the worst malware out there but its impact on enterprise cybersecurity became difficult to ignore in 2018. SC Magazine traces the history of the malware throughout the year.

Report: Nation-State Malware Attack Could Cripple US – BankInfoSecurity

  • A new report has concluded that without improved private and public data co-operation, the US is at risk of being crippled by well-made malware. The report recommends closer technical data sharing and action taken to improve communication between public and private entities.

A Hacker’s Take on Blockchain Security – Forbes

  • With Blockchain seen by some as the solution to cybersecurity problems, Forbes asks a black hat hacker to investigate with them just how true that is. They come across some less obvious stumbling blocks in blockchain security.

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Cyber Security News & Trends

This week, Collections #2-5 drop over 2 billion stolen logins, Bangladesh is suing a Philippines bank over cybertheft and SonicWall CEO Bill Conner discusses keeping up with the cybersecurity market.

SonicWall Spotlight

Could Cash-Rich Facebook Be Considering Acquisition Targets? – Real Money

  • SonicWall CEO Bill Conner is quoted by Real Money talking about Facebook’s need for cybersecurity acquisitions in a piece that speculates where the company might go next.

Are We Really Aware of What Mobile Malware Is? – VarIndia

  • SonicWall’s Debasish Mukherjee is interviewed as part of a panel discussing the mobile malware. He talks about the data SonicWall Capture Labs found on the Android platform throughout 2018.

SonicWall Aims to Build Brand in Critical Two Years – IT Europa

  • Bill Conner, CEO of SonicWall, lends his thoughts to IT Europa talking about the future of the fast-moving cybersecurity market and why not every security company is able to keep up.

Cyber Security News

Hackers are Passing Around a Megaleak of 2.2 Billion Records – Wired

  • After the leak of Collection # 1 earlier in the year Collections #2-5 continue the data dump of hacked records, largely information that has been leaked previously.

Airbus Reports Breach Into Its Systems After Cyber Attack – Reuters

  • Airbus detected a cyberattack which resulted in a data breach of mostly employee data. It says the incident did not affect commercial operations.

What Was the Cybersecurity Impact of the Shutdown? – FCW

  • With the Government shutdown over, the cybersecurity impact is still being worked out. FCW discuss the possible knock-on effects and how long they might last.

IT Spending Expected to Rise in 2019 Amid Shift to Cloud Services – Wall Street Journal

  • Forecasts for IT enterprise spending say there will be an 8.5% growth this year, and overall IT spending is expected to rise 3.2%.

Too Few Cybersecurity Professionals Is a Gigantic Problem for 2019

  • There is a global gap of nearly 3 million cybersecurity positions. In the USA alone 314,000 jobs were posted in a one-year period between 2017 and 2018. Cybersecurity training itself is a new area and almost no cybersecurity professional over 30 today has a formal cybersecurity degree.

Bangladesh to Sue Philippine Bank Over $81M Cyber Heist – Security Week

  • A digital heist in 2016 led to the successful theft of $81 million from the Bangladesh central bank’s account with the US Federal Reserve. Bangladesh is now attempting to retrieve the funds by suing the Philippines bank that facilitated the transfer. The Federal Reserve denies that it was hacked.

Massive DDoS Attack Generates 500 Million Packets per Second – Dark Reading

  • A DDos attack on Github in 2018 made headlines as the biggest ever DDos attack, but it was only a quarter of the size of the attack stopped earlier this month.

Cryptocurrency Thefts, Scams Hit $1.7 Billion in 2018: Report – Reuters

  • Cryptocurrency theft rose 400 percent in 2018, with up to $1.7 billion stolen by the end of the year. $950 million of this was theft from cryptocurrency exchanges and digital wallets.

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Cyber Security News & Trends

This week, fears are growing that new 5G industrial robots are vulnerable to cyberattack, the numbers affected by a breach jump from 500 to over 500,000 and the government shutdown continues to worry cybersecurity experts.

SonicWall Spotlight

SonicWall on Winning the Cyber Arms Race on Winning the Cyber Arms Race – Tahawul Tech

  • SonicWall’s Michael Berg is interviewed talking SonicWall’s expansion in Dubai, the cyber arms race and where SonicWall is going in 2019.

Cyber Security News

Why Cybersecurity Must Be a Top Priority for Small & Midsize Businesses – Dark Reading

  • Big corporations seize the cyberattack headlines, but Dark Reading argues that cybersecurity must be a top priority for small and medium businesses, outlining the major security risks and methods of protection.

For Industrial Robots, Hacking Risks Are on the Rise  – Wall Street Journal

  • 5G and the Internet of Things promise to make factories a lot smarter, but also a lot more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

New Ransomware Poses as Games and Software to Trick You Into Downloading It – ZDNet

  • A Dangerous new ransomware dubbed Anatova that was found at the start of the new year is being watched closely by researchers. Its modular architecture makes it easily adaptable and potentially very dangerous in the hands of a skilled cybercriminal.

The Shutdown Is Exposing Our Economy to Crippling Cybersecurity Breaches – Salon

  • Salon details the infrastructural cybersecurity problems, many previously outlined by SonicWall, that have been growing with the ongoing government shutdown.

Proposed Law Classifies Ransomware Infection as a Data Breach – SecurityWeek

  • The Act to Strengthen Identity Theft Protections in North Carolina proposes widening the definition of a breach to include ransomware and even unauthorized access. The legislation requires tightened data protection and a quicker notifications period when there is a breach.

Online Casino Group Leaks Information on 108 Million Bets, Including User Details – ZDNet

  • The server details of an online casino were left exposed online, leaking information on 108 million bets, including complete customer data like real names and addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, birth dates, and more.

Victim Count in Alaska Health Department Breach Soars – BankInfoSecurity

  • It was originally thought to only affect 501 people but the numbers in the Alaska Health Department breach of June 2018 have soared to up to 700,000. The number has soared after months of analysis and confirmation, the DHSS says they always knew the number would rise dramatically after analysis.

Recession Is the Number One Fear for CEOs in 2019, Survey Says – CNBC

  • While recession is the number one fear worldwide, a survey of over 800 CEO’s found that cybersecurity was the number one fear for CEO’s in the U.S.

Cybercriminals Home in on Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals – Dark Reading

  • With a growing cybersecurity awareness in businesses new research is suggesting that some hackers are shifting their sights to the estates and businesses of wealthy families with personalized cyberattacks.

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