Cybersecurity News & Trends

This week, hackers dominated the headlines. But from financial firms, to voting machines, to entire countries, many are beginning to mount a stronger defense. SonicWall Spotlight AT&T Cybersecurity: Do Secure VPNs, Don’t Pay Ransoms — […]

What’s the Malware Capital of the US?

A lot of the dangers in the U.S. follow logical and predictable patterns. If you want to avoid tornadoes, you shouldn’t live in Oklahoma, Kansas or Nebraska. If you’re worried about hurricanes and earthquakes, you […]

Protect Against SYLKin Attack with SonicWall Cloud App Security

With the definition of normal changing with each passing day, the ongoing pandemic has forced security professionals to re-evaluate new working models and how they can prevent attackers from targeting end users. Albert Einstein once […]

Cybersecurity News & Trends

This week, ransomware attacks on U.S. governments, the energy sector, sports teams and smartwatch maker Garmin made headlines — and with cryptocurrency on the rise, more may be in store. SonicWall Spotlight Malware is Down, […]

SonicWall SMA Added to the Department of Defense Approved Products List

Building on our history of partnering with the federal government on cybersecurity initiatives, SonicWall is pleased to announce that the SonicWall Secure Mobile Access (SMA) Series 6210 and 7210 have been added to the U.S. […]



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