Cybersecurity News & Trends – 04-16-21


This week utilities were under attack, as an Iran nuclear plant and a Kansas water facility both faced sabotage attempts.

SonicWall in the News

Internet of Things Malware Attacks Increase by 152% in North America in 2020, Other Continents also Witness a Significant Spike — Digital Information World

  • This article features data from SonicWall’s recent 2021 Cyber Threat Report, with a focus on the increase in IoT and malware attacks.

Video: 10 Minute IT Jams – SonicWall VP on the cybersecurity lessons learned from the last 12 months — Security Brief Asia

  • SonicWall’s vice president of regional sales – APAC, Debasish Mukherjee, discusses cybersecurity lessons learned from the pandemic.

Why some jobseekers have turned to cyber crime during the pandemic — ComputerWeekly

  • ComputerWeekly spoke with SonicWall EMEA Vice-President Terry Greer-King about cybercriminal activity during the pandemic.

‘Boundless Cybersecurity’: How SonicWall is helping to uncover unknown threats — Intelligent CISO

  • Intelligent CISO interviewed Osca St. Marthe, SonicWall’s executive director of sales engineering for EMEA, about the company’s boundless security model.

Remote Work Sparking Rise in Cybersecurity Threats, HTSA Told — Consumer Electronics Daily

  • SonicWall Solutions Architect Rick Meder was quoted in reference to the 2021 Cyber Threat Report.

Industry News

U.S. House committee approves blueprint for Big Tech crackdown — Reuters

  • The U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee has formally approved a report accusing Big Tech companies of buying or crushing smaller firms, Rep. David Cicilline’s (D-R.I.) office said in a statement Thursday.

NSA, FBI, DHS expose Russian intelligence hacking tradecraft — Cyberscoop

  • The U.S. government warned the private sector that Russian government hackers are actively exploiting vulnerabilities to target U.S. companies and the defense industrial base.

NBA’s Houston Rockets Face Cyber-Attack by Ransomware Group — Bloomberg

  • The NBA’s Houston Rockets are investigating a cyberattack against their networks from a relatively new ransomware group claiming to have stolen internal business data.

 IBM Uncovers More Attacks Against COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Chain — Bloomberg

  • A hacking campaign detected by IBM last year targeting organizations involved in the manufacturing, transportation and storage of COVID-19 vaccines is now thought to have targeted more than 40 companies in 14 countries.

Iran nuclear attack: Mystery surrounds nuclear sabotage at Natanz — BBC

  • Within hours of Iran proudly announcing the launch of its latest centrifuges at its site in Natanz, a power blackout damaged some of the machines.

Bitcoin hits record before landmark Coinbase listing on Nasdaq — Reuters

  • Bitcoin hit a record of $62,741 on Tuesday, extending its 2021 rally to new heights a day before the listing of Coinbase shares in the U.S.

100M More IoT Devices Are Exposed—and They Won’t Be the Last — Wired

  • The “Name: Wreck” flaws in TCP/IP are the latest in a series of vulnerabilities with global implications.

QBot malware is back replacing IcedID in malspam campaigns — Bleeping Computer

  • Malware distributors are rotating payloads once again, switching between trojans that in many cases serve as an intermediary stage in a longer infection chain.

Cybersecurity: Victims are spotting cyberattacks much more quickly – but there’s a catch — ZDNet

  • Cybercriminals are spending less time inside networks before they’re discovered. But that’s partly because when hackers deploy ransomware, they don’t stay hidden for long.

Small Kansas water utility system hacking highlights risks — The Washington Times

  • A former Kansas utility worker has been charged with remotely tampering with a public water system’s cleaning procedures, highlighting the difficulty smaller utilities face in protecting against hackers.

Biden budget request calls for major investments in cybersecurity, emerging technologies — The Hill

  • President Biden called for over $1.3 billion in cybersecurity funds, along with major investments in emerging technologies such as quantum computing and artificial intelligence, as part of his proposed budget request sent to Congress.

Financial industry preps for proposal that would require 36-hour breach notification — Cyberscoop

  • A proposal would mandate that financial firms report more kinds of cyber incidents to regulators within 36 hours.

Joker malware infects over 500,000 Huawei Android devices — Bleeping Computer

  • More than 500,000 Huawei users have downloaded from the company’s official Android store applications infected with Joker malware that subscribes to premium mobile services.

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