A Look Back: SonicWall Reflects on its 42nd CRN Award


For many, the number 42 holds an elevated degree of significance. Sports fans will recognize it as MLB great Jackie Robinson’s jersey number. Comic book fans will associate it with the spider that bit Miles Morales, creating the next Spider-Man. And science-fiction fans will remember it as “the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything,” as revealed by supercomputer Deep Thought in Douglas Adams’ 1979 novel, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

It has added significance for SonicWall, as well: It’s the number of CRN awards that SonicWall, its team and its partner program have received since 2016.

President and CEO Bill Conner has been a key driver behind the numerous awards bestowed upon the company and its team members, products and partner program since taking the helm at SonicWall. During his tenure, the company’s channel leaders have consistently earned spots on CRN’s lists of ‘Channel Chiefs’ and ‘Most Influential’ — including this year’s honorees, Bob VanKirk, HoJin Kim and Dave Bankemper. A testament to the diversity of its expansive, global channel team, several SonicWall channel drivers have also been recognized as ‘CRN Women of Channel.’

“After arriving at SonicWall, I was blown away by the company’s portfolio, team and partner program,” Conner said. “I wanted all of those who had been working hard to feel appreciated and recognized for a job well done. Looking back at the tally of CRN awards is satisfying, and also a reflection of where we have taken this company as a team.”

SonicWall itself has been the recipient of numerous awards, and has been honored on lists such as ‘Coolest Network Security Vendors’, ‘The 25 Hottest Edge Security Companies’ and ‘Security 100’, which provides a look at 100 vendors across five market segments to help solution providers determine which security technologies and vendors they can place their bets on in a crowded market.

SonicWall’s products have earned their share of accolades as well, including ‘2021 Tech Innovator’ for the SonicWall TZ 570, 670 and NSsp 15700; ‘2018 Products of the Year’ for SonicWall Capture Cloud Platform; and SonicWall Email Security, which received top marks in the ‘2018 Annual Report Card’ based on performance in 24 product categories, including product innovation, support and partnership.

“We’re proud of our work here at SonicWall, our offerings, and our partner program but, most importantly, we’re proud of the loyal and dedicated support we get from our amazing partners around the world,” said SonicWall VP, Worldwide Channel Sales HoJin Kim.

For more additional details regarding SonicWall accolades, please visit https://www.sonicwall.com/about-sonicwall/awards.

SonicWall Staff