IT Security Done Right Enables State and Local Governments

News reports about new data breaches have become an all too frequent occurrence.  But cyber attacks can’t and don’t stop state and local governments from getting on with the business of governing. It’s easy to […]

Understand the Risks Online Shopping During Black Friday Poses to Your Network

As I was driving home the other day one of my children spotted a house with old Halloween decorations on it. With the holidays coming, it’s a good reminder of the potential impact they can […]

BlackNurse DDoS Attack Can Interrupt your Network; Discover how SonicWall Blocks

Whenever there’s talk of a DDoS (distributed denial-of service) attack, network administrators think of multiple systems flooding a network device from various locations on the internet. However, when it comes to BlackNurse, a new & […]

Defend Your Mobile Enterprise Network with New SonicWall Secure Mobile Access 12.0

Do you wake up in the middle of the night and wonder, where’s my smart phone, did I leave my laptop in the Uber? In my previous role as VP of Mobility at a top […]

What’s Your E-rate Plan? Three Things to Consider

A few weeks ago one of my sons got a new Chromebook at school. The old one had been around for a few years and was rather outdated in terms of the technology. The new […]

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