Seamless Security: How SonicWall Solutions Work Together to Safeguard Your Organization

Siloed solutions can’t keep up with modern cybersecurity needs. The future demands an integrated, holistic solution that maximizes security, visibility and agility. No matter what security philosophy your organization adopts, it’s critical that individual solutions […]

SonicWall NSM 2.3.4 Uplevels Central Management Capabilities

SonicWall NSM 2.3.4 brings four eagerly awaited capabilities: Zero Touch 2.0, System Events for Gen 7 firewalls, custom tenant- and group-level reporting, and CIDR-based search abilities. Today’s businesses must protect more, in more places, more […]

Why 5G Needs to Start with Secure Network Access

5G comes with enormous possibilities — and increased risks. Here’s what you need to consider when securing your network in preparation for this game-changing technology. The latest cellular connectivity standard, 5G, has taken wireless performance […]

Security Platform Vendors vs. Best-of-Breed Approach to Security Architecture

Regardless of which security strategy you choose, SonicWall offers a product portfolio — including NGFW, endpoint security, access points and more — to suit your organization’s needs. In the debate over adopting an all-in-one cybersecurity […]

SonicWall Capture ATP Earns 100% ICSA Threat Detection Rating for Sixth Straight Quarter

In third-party ICSA Labs testing, Capture ATP with RTDMI™ once again correctly identified 100% of malicious samples — validating SonicWall’s position as an industry leader in threat prevention. Cybercrime is on the rise — and […]



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