Better Network Management: Latest Features in Network Security Manager 2.5

We are thrilled to announce new Network Security Manager (NSM) 2.5 features, designed to make our platform more user-friendly while providing additional value to our users. These enhancements are based on customer feedback and our […]

Give a ZTNA Boost to Your SonicWall Firewall

Solving the Private Access Dilemma  Firewalls are essential to network security, filtering traffic, and keeping bad actors away. With the rise of cloud applications and remote workforce demands, some customers seek a centralized and easy-to-manage […]

Not If, But When: The Need for a SOC and Introducing the SonicWall European SOC

When you think about cyber threats or attacks, what comes to mind? It’s easy to associate cyberattacks with large enterprises since those are the attacks that frequently make the news. But small- and medium-sized businesses […]

Boost Your Business: SonicWall’s Service Provider Program Expands with New Products and Exclusive Offers

Organizations increasingly rely on security service providers to fill the gaps and face threats, exposure points, and personnel needs that are growing at a pace their budgets and actual headcount can’t keep up with. By […]

What is Content Filtering and Why Do Organizations Need It on the Endpoint?

While Hollywood has depicted cyberattacks as being conducted by a single, shadowy hacker sitting in a dark room and breaking into lucrative networks without needing to interact with any users on the network, in reality, […]

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