SonicWall DPI-SSL: Encryption Has Met Its Match

Encryption is a fundamental building block in the secure operation of the internet. It protects the confidentiality and integrity of information transmitted over the network, preventing unauthorized third parties from accessing sensitive data. The need […]

Patch Tuesday: Which Vulnerabilities Really Need Prioritizing?

By the end of 2023, Microsoft’s cybersecurity team had addressed a formidable 911 vulnerabilities, including 21 zero days. Propelled by sheer will and endless coffee, the team resolved 131 vulnerabilities in July alone—an average of […]

The 2023 Threat Mindset Survey: SonicWall Customers Sound Off

Cybersecurity is a dynamic, constantly changing field, and threats lurk around every corner for those lacking the knowledge or tools to protect themselves. To get a better idea of customer sentiment and firsthand experience on […]

Nine Cybersecurity Best Practices for Local Governments

In its 2024 Cyber Threat Report, SonicWall found an alarming rise in malicious intrusion attempts and malware attacks, underscoring the heightened vulnerability of local governments. A common predicament compounds this situation: Many municipalities are under-resourced, […]

5 Strategies for Thoughtful K-12 Network Infrastructure Upgrades

Technology and education haven’t always gone hand in hand. Just a decade ago, many schools had completely banned technologies like smartphones, tablets, laptops and more. But the classrooms of 2024 have done a complete 180: […]

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