Three Reasons to Simplify Your Network Infrastructure

You have a growing business, so you need to add more connections: PCs, cameras, or even another location. As you grow, your IT infrastructure is getting complicated, and with every new branch office complexity becomes […]

SonicWall Security Announces SonicOS 6.2.5 for SonicWALL Next-Generation Firewalls

Today, I am very excited to share with you the SonicOS 6.2.5 release for our 6th generation SonicWall TZ, NSA and SuperMassive Next-Generation firewalls. SonicOS 6.2.5 brings many new features that span across SMB, distributed […]

Managing the Madness of Multiple Management Consoles with SonicWall TZ Firewall and X-Series Switches

With fast emerging technologies, challenges of network design in distributed retail store locations is becoming huge. As retail store and distributed enterprise environments evolve, the underlying network infrastructure must evolve with the transformational changes to […]

SonicWall Next-Gen Firewall Consistently Ranks as Recommended Year After Year

The hacking economy continues to thrive. As you can see for the timeline chart below, we have seen data breach headlines in every industry verticals regardless of their size. Cyber-criminals made the most of their […]

SonicWall Security – Helping CSOs Turn No into Yes

A chief security officer’s (CSO) life is not easy. Typically, requests of them sound like this: “Please deploy more, do it faster, more efficiently, with less money, more securely, and – oh, by the way, […]

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