Scale Out Network Security So You Don’t Have to Scale Down Business

In most organizations, the same issue is being felt – how can network security be increased without lowering performance within a budget? How much risk is acceptable? If your organization is not facing this issue, you should be looking at the growth of encrypted web traffic (https) and cloud computing and how your current firewall maintains performance and/or efficacy in this new environment. According to recent data, encrypted web traffic consists of up to ~60% of overall traffic with less than ~25% of organizations inspecting that traffic. And the move to cloud is upon us, with SMB and medium enterprise leading the way – how can we ensure security is maintained when legacy architectures can’t keep up? According to NSS Labs, the typical network firewall loses up to 81% of its performance when SSL (https) encryption is enabled – so many face the decision to lock the door and significantly less performance or leave it open and play the odds. Threats are increasingly arriving over secure channels and inspection of SSL traffic is quickly becoming mandatory to mitigate the threat and reduce the attack surface and risk exposure companies face – but at what cost?

Unlike competitors that force a forklift upgrade or move to ever larger and more expensive firewalls to keep up, SonicWall next-generation firewalls leverage a multicore network parallel processing architecture to help you keep security turned on and performance turned up. Not only is our architecture more efficient, but it’s more cost effective since we can easily scale from 1 processor in the smallest firewall to over 1152 processors in our SonicWall Firewall Sandwich of up to 16 firewalls – delivering up to 80Gbps of SSL inspection and among the highest efficacy rates in the industry according to NSS Labs. With our new Capture Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) service, SonicWall is the only vendor that can also provide the same level of multi-sandbox scaling – so security and performance can both be turned up to the max. Because SonicWall leverages cost-effective single U hardware, many organizations wont’ have to decide whether to turn up security or turn down business.

For more information on how the SonicWall Firewall Sandwich can help your business download an executive brief: Scaling Next-Generation Firewalls For Data Center Modernization.

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