Cybersecurity News & Trends – 10-16-20


This week, increasingly sophisticated ransomware is being deployed by ransomware groups increasingly functioning like businesses.

SonicWall in the News

Sonicwall Trusted By U.S. Federal Agencies, Driving Thought-Leadership With Live Webinar Event — SonicWall Press Release

  • Thursday, Oct. 15, 1 p.m. EDT, SonicWall will host a live webinar event, ‘Securing Federal Agencies in Unprecedented Times’, exploring the effects of COVID-19 on federal networks and employees, changes in the federal space in 2020, and SonicWall’s certified federal solutions.

How The Enterprise Can Shut Down Cyber Criminals and Protect A Remote A Staff  — TechRepublic

  • Hackers accidentally allowed into company software by security-noncompliant employees cost businesses millions annually. Experts to weigh in on best safety practices.

5 Campaign Cybersecurity Lessons Learned from Enterprise — SDxCentral

  • Campaigns can — and should — take a page from enterprise security best practices to harden their defenses and hunt for threats in their environments.

SonicWall Unveils Boundless 2020, Company’s Largest Ever Global Virtual Partner Event — CRN India

  • On the heels of a record-setting year that has included the introduction of the Boundless Cybersecurity platform and numerous new products, services and programs, SonicWall is hosting a three-day virtual partner event, Boundless 2020, from Nov 17-19.

The Best Firewalls For Small Business In 2020 —  Digital Trends

  • In a roundup of the top firewalls for small businesses, SonicWall’s firewalls are ranked first in the category of data-dependent small businesses. *Syndicated on Yahoo Finance

Cybersecurity Experts React on Hackney Council Cyber Attack — Information Security Buzz

  • Media outlets are reporting that Hackney Council in London has been the target of a serious cyberattack, which is affecting many of its services and IT systems.

Industry News

Study: Half of battleground states facing cybersecurity challenges ahead of election — The Hill

  • Around half of battleground states are facing cybersecurity challenges that put them at increased risk of a cybersecurity breach, a study found.

BazarLoader used to deploy Ryuk ransomware on high-value targets — Bleeping Computer

  • The TrickBot gang operators are increasingly targeting high-value targets with the new stealthy BazarLoader trojan before deploying the Ryuk ransomware.

Android Ransomware Has Picked Up Some Ominous New Tricks — Wired

  • Though ransomware has been around for years, it poses an ever-increasing threat to hospitals, municipal governments, and basically any institution that can’t tolerate downtime.

Apple pays $288,000 to white-hat hackers who had run of company’s network — Ars Technica

  • The company has so far processed about half of the vulnerabilities reported and committed to paying $288,500 for them. Once Apple processes the remainder, the total payout might surpass $500,000.

US Cyber Command: Patch Windows ‘Bad Neighbor’ TCP/IP bug now — Bleeping Computer

  • U.S. Cyber Command warns Microsoft customers to patch their systems immediately against the critical and remotely exploitable CVE-2020-16898 vulnerability addressed during this month’s Patch Tuesday.

Amid an Embarrassment of Riches, Ransom Gangs Increasingly Outsource Their Work — Krebs on Security

  • Judging from the proliferation of help-wanted ads for offensive pentesters in the cybercrime underground, today’s attackers have exactly zero trouble gaining that initial intrusion: The real challenge seems to be hiring enough people to help everyone profit from the access already gained.

Hackers Eye Their Next Targets, From Schools to Cars — The Wall Street Journal

  • Hackers will tell you that just about anything with software and an internet connection can get hacked. The next decade will test how much that is true, and the challenge it poses to everyday life.

Ransomware Attackers Buy Network Access in Cyberattack Shortcut — Threatpost

  • Network access to various industries is being offered in underground forums at as little as $300 a pop – and researchers warn that ransomware groups like Maze and NetWalker could be buying in.

Court orders seizure of ransomware botnet controls as U.S. election nears — Reuters

  • Microsoft said Monday it had used a court order to take control of computers that were installing ransomware and other malicious software on local government networks and threatening to disrupt the November election.

The Man Who Speaks Softly—and Commands a Big Cyber Army — Wired

  • Meet General Paul Nakasone. He reined in chaos at the NSA and taught the U.S. military how to launch pervasive cyberattacks. And he did it all without you noticing.

Canva design platform actively abused in credentials phishing — Bleeping Computer

  • Free graphics design website Canva is being abused by threat actors to create and host intricate phishing landing pages.

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