‘3 & Free’ Promotion: How to Upgrade Your SonicWall Firewall for Free

You can’t rely on yesterday’s solutions to thwart tomorrow’s attacks.

And as these attacks become more sophisticated, varied and numerous than ever, it’s never been more crucial to defend your organization’s networks, data and applications.

Often, this means ensuring your organization is protected by the latest and most cost-effective firewall appliances and real-time security services. That’s why the SonicWall ‘3 & Free’ program makes it easy for customers to upgrade from their legacy firewall to the latest SonicWall NSa 2650TZ350 or SOHO 250 firewalls.

When you upgrade your SonicWall firewall you gain the latest in next-generation firewall (NGFW) technology and access to the SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) service. It’s a cloud-based, multi-engine sandbox that stops both known and unknown cyberattacks from critically impacting your business.

What is the SonicWall ‘3 & Free’ Promotion?

The limited-time SonicWall ‘3 & Free’ promotion is the easy, cost-effective way for customers to upgrade to the very latest SonicWall next-generation firewall appliance for free.

Through Oct. 31, 2020, eligible customers may receive a complimentary NSa 2650, TZ350 or SOHO 250 appliance by purchasing a bundle that includes a three-year subscription of the SonicWall Advanced Gateway Security Suite from their authorized SonicWall SecureFirst partner.

This security suite includes everything you need to stay protected against today’s modern attacks, including advanced malware, ransomwareencrypted threats, viruses, spyware, zero-day exploits and more. This complete service includes:

SonicWall’s exclusive security subscription service also includes SonicWall Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection (RTDMI). A patent-pending technology, RTDMI™ enables Capture ATP to detect and block malware that does not exhibit any malicious behavior or hides weaponry via encryption. This protects your organization from zero-day attacks, malicious PDFs and Microsoft Office files.

Upgrade Your SonicWall Firewall for Free

Ready to upgrade? Take advantage of our ‘3 & Free’ program to get the latest in SonicWall next-generation firewall technology — for free. To upgrade, talk to a SonicWall cybersecurity expert today or contact your dedicated SecureFirst Partner.

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Robert (Bob) VanKirk
President and CEO | Sonicwall
As the SVP and Chief Revenue Officer for SonicWall, Bob is responsible for driving top-line revenue across SonicWall’s global regions. Prior to his current role, Bob was SVP of Strategic Sales, implementing direct customer touch across SonicWall’s strategic accounts and key verticals such as the U.S. federal government, retail, state and local government, and education. Bob received a B.A. from Davidson College and master’s degrees from North Carolina State University in Business and Policy.
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