Cyber Security News & Trends – 07-19-19


This week, SonicWall CEO Bill Conner is included on a coolest CEO list and we have a special look at what people are saying about the growth of AI in the cybersecurity arena.

SonicWall Spotlight

The 11 Coolest Endpoint Security CEOs of 2019 – Solutions Review

  • SonicWall CEO Bill Conner is named one of Solutions Review’s top 11 coolest Endpoint Security CEOs, recognizing CEOs who bring “their own unique blend of experience and expertise to their endpoint security companies.”

SonicWall on Youtube

  • Did you know that SonicWall has an official channel on YouTube? We update it with all sorts of content, such as technical support videos, SonicWall product news, unboxing videos and more. You can follow us for updates here.

Sonicwall’s Roadshow Guides Customers and Channel Partners Address Network Security Issues – SME Channels (India)

  • SonicWall’s Debasish Mukherjee is quoted talking at the SonicWall roadshow at Mumbai And Delhi.

Cybersecurity News

Why AI is the Future of Cybersecurity – Forbes

  • Forbes digs into the figures available in a new report titled “Reinventing Cybersecurity with Artificial Intelligence” to see who is, and who is not, using AI in cybersecurity research. They conclude that with 69% of enterprises polled believing AI will be necessary to counter cyberattacks AI is going to be the future, one way or another.

AI Has a Bias Problem and That Can Be a Big Challenge in Cybersecurity – CNBC

  • If AI is the future of cybersecurity, then what can be done about its inherent bias problems? CNBC investigates how bias is found in the program, the data and the people who design the AI systems.

Researchers Easily Trick Cylance’s AI-Based Antivirus Into Thinking Malware Is ‘Goodware’ – Motherboard

  • Researchers in Australia say they have found a way of subverting Cylance’s AI-based antivirus into thinking malware, including the high-profile ransomware like Wannacry, is “goodware.” The relatively simple method involves taking strings from a non-malicious file and appending them to a malicious one, tricking the system into thinking the malicious file is benign.

Debunking the Myths of AI Cybersecurity – ITProPortal

  • ITProPortal look at four AI cybersecurity myths and explain why they are either incorrect or overblown.

What Kind of Cybersecurity Threats Does 5G Pose? – Silicon Republic

  • Huawei are currently global leaders in 5G infrastructure but with concerns in the USA, now spreading to the UK, over whether or not the company is sufficiently independent from the government of China, could threats in 5G infrastructure be like finding a needle in a haystack?

Cyberattacks Inflict Deep Harm at Technology-Rich Schools – New York Times

  • Schools are becoming ever-more attractive targets for cybercriminals as a school will hold a wealth of personal information on its students and provides critical public services. The Washington Times investigates the increase in cyberattacks on schools and how the FBI can only do so much when an attack is successful.

And finally:

FBI Shares Master Decryption Keys for Prolific GandCrab Ransomware – Washington Times

  • The jig appears to finally be up for the Gandcrab ransomware group after master decryption keys were made public by the FBI. The group appears to have known this was coming and had ended its criminal “affiliate program” after claiming that the program had generated over $2 billion in ransom payments.

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