Cyber Security News & Trends – 06-07-19


This week, there’s a new cybersecurity power couple as SonicWall and ADT announce a strategic partnership to protect SMBs, U.S. cities face a ransomware pandemic and the ‘invisible web’ is growing rapidly.

SonicWall Spotlight

ADT Selects SonicWall as Exclusive Provider of Managed Cybersecurity Service Offerings for SMBs – SonicWall

  • SonicWall and ADT announce a strategic partnership that provides an exclusive cybersecurity offering to better protect small- and medium-sized businesses (SMB) from the growing volume of cyberattacks.

ADT Teams Up with SonicWall for SMB Security Services – Dark Reading

  • SonicWall CEO Bill Conner explains why SonicWall was the logical choice for a new cybersecurity offering from ADT, a company best known or delivering physical security monitoring. The connection between the two companies dates back to ADT’s acquisition of Secure Designs, Inc (SDI), formerly an MSSP selling SonicWall SMB security products.

Cyber Security News

Hackers Won’t Let Up in Their Attack on U.S. Cities – The Wall Street Journal

  • As Baltimore is still recovering a month after a devastating ransomware attack crippled the city’s infrastructure, the FBI is warning that this is not an isolated incident, calling the growing levels of ransomware attacks a “pandemic in the United States”.

Cyber-Thieves Turn to ‘Invisible Net’ to Set Up Attacks – BBC News

  • Gated chat forums, invitation-only communities and encrypted apps are the new communication channels of choice for cybercriminals to evade law enforcement agencies.

Hackers Steal $9.5 Million from GateHub Cryptocurrency Wallets – ZD Net

  • GateHub has released a preliminary statement confirming a security breach that has resulted in nearly $9.5 million stolen from the users of their cryptocurrency wallet service.

Hacking Diabetes: People Break into Insulin Pumps as an Alternative to Delayed Innovations – USA Today

  • Diabetes patients are jailbreaking their own insulin pumps, using instructions found online, in order to give their pumps the ability to self-adjust and remove the need for constant blood sugar monitoring.

LabCorp Data Breach Exposes Information of 7.7 Million Consumers – USA Today

  • A day after Quest Diagnostics announced 12 million patients were affected by a data breach, another medical testing company says its patients’ data was also compromised.

Hackers Can Now Bypass Two-Factor Authentication With a New Kind of Phishing Scam – Fortune

  • Two-factor authentication, the added security step that requires people enter a code sent to their phone or email, has traditionally worked to keep usernames and passwords safe from phishing attacks.

Baltimore Ransomware Attack: NSA Faces Questions – BBC

  • After a ransomware attack currently estimated to cost at least $18M Baltimore officials are questioning why the hacking vulnerability known as EternalBlue was not disclosed when discovered by the NSA years ago. The NSA are declining to comment on the issue.

New Zealand Budget Leak: ‘Hackers’ Had Simply Searched Treasury Website – The Guardian

  • After the embargoed New Zealand budget was leaked to the opposition National Party days before it was due to be released, officials were quick to call it a hack. However, it has now been found that the documents were searchable on the New Zealand treasury website.

HawkEye Malware Campaign Upticks on Business Users – SC Magazine

  • Hawkeye, a keylogger than has been around for six years, has seen a major increase in a campaign targeting business users worldwide.

Startups: Embrace Cybersecurity Priorities From Day One – Forbes

  • Forbes argues that cybersecurity in startups should not be considered an add-on or a luxury product and provide four cybersecurity priorities that a startup needs to think about from day one.

Emotet Made up 61% of Malicious Payloads in Q1 – Dark Reading

  • A new study has found that 61% of all malware payloads in the first quarter of 2019 contained the Emotet botnet.

Security Expert: Here’s How Driverless Cars Could Be Hacked – Yahoo! Finance

  • As cars modernize and driverless cars are becoming a reality it is fair to say that they are becoming more and more like a series of interconnected computers. Yahoo! Finance looks at where the security weakpoint in these computers might be found, how it could be targeted by hackers, and how the car industry is struggling to keep up with security requirements.

Nation-State Security: Private Sector Necessity – SecurityWeek

  • Attackers with the funding and technical support of nation-states are now targeting commercial entities and the obvious split between commercial and political cyberattacks is disappearing. SecurityWeek examine the current threat landscape, including the increasing number of organizations embracing “Zero Trust” security models where all environments are considered untrusted until proven otherwise. They then offer some advice on how to ensure your organization is ready for cyberattacks.

Microsoft Issues Second Warning About Patching BlueKeep as PoC Code Goes Public – ZDNet

  • Microsoft again warned users to ensure their patches are up to date to protect against the Bluekeep vulnerability – described as similar to the EternalBlue exploit – after a proof-of-concept attack appeared online. SonicWall provides protection against this threat.

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