7 Factors to Consider When Evaluating Endpoint Protection Solutions

The threat landscape is evolving. Attackers are getting craftier with infiltrating secure environments. Is your endpoint protection able to keep up? In many cases, organizations just aren’t sure. The increase in the number of cyberattacks […]

Coronavirus Affecting Business as Remote Workforces Expand Beyond Expected Capacity

Editor’s Note: SonicWall will issue complimentary 10-day spike licenses to SMA customers in affected areas. The novel coronavirus epidemic is a major global health concern. To help prevent the spread of the new virus, organizations, […]

Defending Endpoints from Fast, Ferocious Ransomware Attacks

It’s 2019 and massive ransomware attacks are still making headlines, especially against city governments. In 2018, the City of Atlanta attack shut down over a third of 424 software programs with total damages expected to […]

4 Ways the WhatsApp Exploit Could Use Employees to Infiltrate Your Network

The recent WhatsApp breach was very sophisticated and clever in the manner it was delivered. And that should be expected considering who was reported as being behind the zero-day attack against the popular messaging application. […]

Advanced Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) Comes to Capture Client 2.0

Endpoint protection has evolved well past simple antivirus (AV) monitoring. Today’s endpoints require consistent and proactive investigation and mitigation of suspicious files or behavior. With the release of SonicWall Capture Client 2.0, organizations gain active […]



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