SonicWall SMA

SonicWall Announces Global Availability of SMA 100 v10.2.1 and SMA 1000 v12.4.1 Firmware

2020 was the year of the big remote work shift — and now, roughly halfway through 2021, it’s clear that remote work has been an overwhelming success for both employees and employers. Research by accounting […]

5G and the Security of Connected Devices

In a world with watches that wirelessly beam video across the country, refrigerators that can read you the local weather report and Wi-Fi-enabled barbecue grills, it’s hard to imagine the world of connected devices becoming […]

Why Securing Remote Work is Crucial To Ensuring Business Continuity

If you had asked them in January, most organizations would probably have said things were humming along smoothly. Economic growth was strong, and in most cases budgets and security plans were being created and carried […]

Securing SaaS: Protect More, Manage Less

It’s the start of a perfect day: You wake up, have your morning coffee followed by a delicious breakfast, and enjoy a traffic-free drive to work. Then you fire up your system to begin the […]

How to Simplify Endpoint Security

As an extension of our last blog on evaluating endpoint protection solutions, I would like to talk about how SonicWall Capture Client can deliver advanced endpoint security that meets the needs of both your organization […]



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