Celebrating 2023 With Expanded “3 & Free”

Satisfy your security and financial resolutions with limited-time “3 & Free” promos on TZ Series NGFWs, NSa Series NGFWs and SonicWave Access Points.


In December, we announced our limited-time “3 & Free” promotion on SonicWall TZ370 and TZ470 firewalls. While promotions that include a free firewall have always been popular, the response to our TZ promotion has been tremendous.

As a result, we’ve decided to celebrate the arrival of the new year by dramatically expanding the scope of our offer: Our 3 & Free pricing now applies to almost every TZ Series firewall that SonicWall carries.

3 & Free: What’s New for 2023

While we’ve added new models to the promotion, qualifying for an upgrade to the latest TZ Series firewall is as simple as ever. Through March 31, current SonicWall customers or those looking to swap out a competitor’s appliance can purchase three years of SonicWall’s Advanced Protection Service Suite (APSS), and they’ll receive a TZ appliance absolutely free. 

Protect your brand, customers and data while stopping advanced cyberattacks, filtering dangerous content and enjoying 24x7 support

The APSS suite offers all the tools you need to protect against today’s sophisticated malware, ransomware, encrypted threats, viruses, spyware, zero-day exploits and more. The comprehensive package includes:

  • Capture Advanced Threat Protection with RTDMI™
  • Gateway Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Spyware
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Application Firewall Service
  • Content Filtering Services
  • Comprehensive Anti-Spam
  • NSM Essential with Management and 7-Day Reporting and 24×7 Firmware Support

In addition, you’ll get all the benefits of our latest operating system, SonicOS 7. Built from the ground up to be simpler, more capable and more flexible than any OS before it, SonicOS 7 features advanced security, simplified policy management, and critical networking and management capabilities — all designed to meet the needs of distributed enterprises with next-gen SD-Branches and small- to medium-sized businesses.

“3 & Free”: More than just TZ

Our TZ Series promo is just one of three 3 & Free promotions we’re running to ring in the new year: We also have great deals on NSa Series NGFWs and SonicWave Access Points.

NSa Series “3 & Free”

Despite its remarkable versatility, the entry-level TZ Series isn’t a fit for every use case: Some larger and more complex deployments call for a more robust appliance. That’s why we’re also offering a 3 & Free promotion on two of our most popular NSa Series firewalls.

Through Jan. 31, 2023, when you purchase an NSa 2700 or NS3700 High Availability appliance and three years of Advanced Protection Service Suite, you’ll also get the primary NSa 2700 or NS3700 NGFW and a stateful HA Upgrade Service License free.

This promotion is for every SonicWall upgrade that qualifies, regardless of whether you’re a current SonicWall customer or you’re making the switch from a competing product.

More on the NSa Series 3 & Free promotion and what sets the NSa Series apart from its competitors.

SonicWave Access Points “3 & Free”

If you’re all set for firewalls, but your wireless connectivity could use an upgrade, we also have a promo for you.

SonicWall’s 600 Series SonicWave Wireless Access Points leverage 802.11ax — the most advanced technology available — to deliver superior performance in complex, multi-device environments. These access points offer enterprises ‘always on, always secure’ access point operations, all while simplifying the user experience.

Best of all, while supplies last, when you buy three SonicWave 621, SonicWave 641 or SonicWave 681 access points, you’ll get the fourth absolutely free. This offer applies to access points purchased individually as well as four-packs and eight-packs, allowing you to multiply your savings.

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