3 & Free: 1 Amazing Deal, 2 Exceptional Firewalls, 3 Years of Superior Threat Protection

Unlock 3 & Free pricing on NSa 2700 or 3700 next-generation firewalls when you bundle a HA firewall and our top-performing security services.


Recent ICSA testing has proven that nothing beats the combination of a NSa Series NGFW and Capture ATP. And to celebrate our latest perfect score, we’re offering you the perfect chance to score major savings on this unstoppable duo, with the return of SonicWall’s ‘3 & Free’ promotion.

For a limited time, when you purchase an NSa 2700 or NSa 3700 High Availability firewall with three years of advanced licensing, you’ll receive the primary unit with stateful license absolutely free.

Why ‘3 & Free’ is the Best Deal of the Season

“The return of our popular 3 & Free promo offers anyone waiting for a good opportunity to upgrade or replace their old firewall a chance to do so at tremendous savings,” said Jason Carter, SonicWall Executive Vice President, Americas Channels & Global Renewals. “You’ll enjoy SonicWall’s industry-leading threat capabilities, simplified management and unprecedented performance. And with the addition of a second unit, you also get the assurance of a reliable, continuous connection, all at no extra cost.”

Taking advantage of the 3 & Free promotion couldn’t be simpler: When a customer purchases an NSa 2700 or NSa 3700 High Availability appliance and three years of Advanced Protection Services Suite, they’ll also get the primary NSa 2700 or NSa 3700 NGFW and a stateful HA Upgrade Service License free.

Best of all, this promotion is for every SonicWall upgrade that qualifies. You don’t have to be a current SonicWall customer to take advantage of the savings: If you make the switch from a competing product, you’ll enjoy the same great deal.

What Sets the NSa 2700 and NSa 3700 Apart

The SonicWall NSa Series is one of the best mid-range firewalls on the market. It offers superior performance to SMBs and branches, and it’s powered by SonicOS7 — which has been redeveloped from the ground up to be more agile, flexible and user-friendly than any of its predecessors.

Not sure which firewall is right for you? Here’s a closer look at the specifics:

The NSa 2700 and NSa 3700 are both great for small businesses, medium-sized businesses and branch offices. Here's a closer look at the stats for both.

In addition to the superior threat protection provided by the NSa Series, with the purchase of three years of SonicWall Advanced Protection Services Suite, you also get access to Capture ATP with RTDMI™ (Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection™).

Capture ATP is a cloud-based, multi-engine sandbox that can detect and block the most advanced threats before they have the chance to infect your network.

Included as part of Capture ATP, our patented RTDMI™ technology leverages proprietary memory inspection, CPU instruction tracking and machine learning capabilities to become increasingly efficient at recognizing and mitigating never-before-seen attacks. This includes attacks that traditional sandboxes will likely miss, such as threats that don’t exhibit any malicious behavior and hide their weaponry via encryption.

How the NSa Series Stacks Up to the Competition

When compared with other firewalls in its class, the NSa Series with Advanced Protection Services Suite repeatedly comes out on top.

For the past seven quarters, SonicWall has submitted a NSa Series NGFW with Capture ATP and RTDMI™ for independent, third-party ICSA testing. And for the past seven consecutive quarters — over 223 days of continuous testing, consisting of 9,071 test runs — SonicWall Capture ATP found all 4,251 malicious samples, the majority of which were four hours old or less. And over this entire stretch, the solution only misidentified a single one of the 4,820 innocuous apps scattered throughout.

SonicWall has now earned more perfect scores — and more back-to-back perfect scores — than any other active vendor, with a streak of 100% threat detection scores going back to January 2021 and 11 total certifications in all.

But since threat detection is only part of the picture, SonicWall occasionally performs more thorough market comparisons to evaluate its position on factors such as total cost of ownership, performance and more.

NSa 2700 Firewall vs. Fortinet FG 100F

SonicWall also commissioned Tolly Group to perform an in-depth comparison of the SonicWall NSa 2700 and the Fortinet FG 100F, both with equivalent security services and configured in HA mode. In this evaluation, SonicWall NSa Series came out on top as well: In its report, Tolly Group noted that the SonicWall solution had a significantly lower 3-year TCO.

When Tolly Group compared the SonicWall NSa 2700 with the Fortinet FG100F, SonicWall had a much lower cost per Gbps of threat protection.

This was due to several factors, chief among them the fact that SonicWall only charges for licensing the primary unit in a High Availability deployment. Given that the SonicWall NSa 2700 offers 3 Gbps to the FG100’s 1 Gbps, the Fortinet solution had a cost per Gbps of traffic protected that was 4.5 times that of the SonicWall solution. (Keep in mind that this value comparison used regular SonicWall pricing: Those taking advantage of the 3 & Free promotion will see even greater savings.)

The report also noted that in NetSecOpen testing, the NSa 2700 had an overall block rate of 99.43%, compared with 93.98% for the Fortinet appliance — yet another confirmation of SonicWall’s superior threat-blocking capabilities.

SonicWall Staff