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This week, cybercriminals deployed attacks on both U.S. political parties, the shipping industry, and COVID-19 researchers.

SonicWall in the News

Sonicwall Unveils Boundless 2020, Company’s Largest Ever Global Virtual Partner Event — SonicWall Press Release

  • SonicWall unveils Boundless 2020, a three-day virtual partner event hosted online Nov. 17-19. 

Marina Pharmacy Secures Its Branches With SonicWall Next-Gen Firewalls — Intelligent CIO

  • How UAE-based Marina Pharmacy’s SonicWall implementation has improved the group’s security posture and secured network connectivity across its 40 retail stores.

Surge In Ransomware Attacks Threatens Student Data — TechTarget

  • SonicWall CEO Bill Conner explains why K-12 schools are an increasingly attractive target, and why they shouldn’t give in to ransom demands.

Rethinking Cloud Security Amidst Pandemic and Mounting Threats — Digital TechMedia

  • A closer look at how the pandemic has affected cybersecurity in India and around the globe.

Industry News

Cyber Pirates Hit Global Shipping Industry Nearing Peak Season — Bloomberg

  • Two key players in the global shipping industry are trying to restore computer networks and assess the damage from separate cyberattacks just ahead of peak season.

Hackers are using DNC volunteer pitch to deliver malware, researchers warn — The Washington Times

  • Democratic National Committee messaging has been repurposed and weaponized as part of a hacking campaign spotted by cybersecurity researchers following the debate

Ransomware: Gangs are shifting targets and upping their ransom demands — ZDNet

  • Ransomware gangs are getting smarter, factoring in companies’ revenues when determining the ransom they try to collect.

‘Mercenary’ hacker group runs rampant in Middle East, cybersecurity research shows — Reuters

  • Saudi diplomats, Sikh separatists and Indian business executives have been among those targeted by a group of hired hackers.

Phishing emails lure victims with inside info on Trump’s health — Bleeping Computer

  • A phishing campaign pushing a network-compromising backdoor pretends to have the inside scoop on President Trump’s health after being infected with COVID-19.

US warns: Big surge in Emotet malware campaigns makes it one of today’s top threats — ZDNet

  • CISA’s intrusion detection system has recorded 16,000 Emotet threats to government networks since July.

Will We Have Cyberwar or Cyber Peace? — The Wall Street Journal

  • The Wall Street Journal’s Richard Clark takes a look at what cyber warfare could look like in 2030.

Ransomware: Surge in attacks as hackers take advantage of organisations under pressure — ZDNet

  • Cyber criminals are doubling down on ransomware attacks, deploying more sophisticated campaigns at a time when remote working is already creating additional security challenges for businesses

US brokerage firms warned of widespread survey phishing attacks — Bleeping Computer

  • The U.S. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has issued a notice warning member brokerage firms of widespread phishing attacks using surveys to harvest information.

COVID-19 Clinical Trials Slowed After Ransomware Attack — Threatpost

  • The attack on eResearchTechnology potentially slowed down coronavirus research worldwide, and researchers suggest a nation-state actor could be behind the incident.

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Senior Digital Copywriter | SonicWall
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