Cyber Security News & Trends – 03-08-19


This week, SonicWall protects against the newest Intel chip vulnerability, millions more records are found unprotected online and Google Chrome has a serious security flaw.

SonicWall Spotlight

SonicWall Extends SMB Cybersecurity Ambitions – Security Boulevard

  • SonicWall’s Dmitriy Ayrapetov provides insight into SonicWall’s newest product releases, where SonicWall is heading and the benefits of unifying cybersecurity systems.

SonicWall Aims at Evasive Cyber Threats Targeting Wireless Networks, Cloud Apps, Endpoints – CRN (India)

  • CRN India review the new SonicWall releases in detail and Jeff Wilson, Senior Research Director at IHS Markit, highlights the need for cloud protection as provided by SonicWall Cloud App Security 2.0.

Cyber Security News

‘Spoiler’ Flaw in Intel CPUs is Similar to Spectre – Yet Dangerously Different – Tech Radar

  • A new Intel chip vulnerability dubbed ‘Spoiler’ is similar to the Spectre flaw that allows an attacker to exploit the way PC memory works. Attackers using the flaw can, amongst other things, view data from running programs which should otherwise not be accessible. SonicWall RTDMI identifies and blocks this threat.

Google Confirms Serious Chrome Security Problem – Here’s How to Fix It – Forbes

  • Google issues an urgent update warning for all Chrome users after a zero-day vulnerability was discovered being exploited in the wild.

An Email Marketing Company Left 809 Million Records Exposed Online – Wired (UK)

  • Researchers found over 150 gigabytes of detailed private data, including hundreds of millions of unique email addresses and personal social media accounts, easily accessible online after an “email verification” company left the records exposed.

Project Zero Discloses High-Severity Apple macOS Flaw – Threat Post

  • Google Project Zero researchers detail a new high-severity macOS flaw after Apple failed to patch it by the 90-day disclosure deadline.

A CEO Cheat Sheet for the Cybersecurity Big One – Forbes

  • Warren Buffet calls it “The Big One” – it’s the worst-case cybersecurity scenario for a company. Forbes provide a CEO cheat sheet with tips on how to prepare for it.

Cyberattack Planning Is Still Depressingly Poor, Even in Big Businesses – ZDNet (UK)

  • A report by the British government has found that while most companies have some kind of cybersecurity strategy in place, many have not tested it, or fail to fully understand the threats faced.

After the Breach: Six Key Actions to Take – IT Pro Portal

  • Contain, Identify, Determine, Announce, Offer, and Make Sure it doesn’t happen again – IT Pro Portal detail six steps a company must follow if they suffer a data breach.

Ransomware Warning: The Gang Behind This Virulent Malware Just Changed Tactics Again – ZDNet (UK)

  • The gang behind the GandCrab ransomware, who sell it through a Ransomware “as-a-service” model, are under constant cybersecurity scrutiny and continue to change tactics. Instead of targeting small networks they are now advertising to those who want to go after larger targets for a bigger payday.

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