SonicWall’s Capture Advanced Threat Protection Wins 2016 CRN Products of the Year Award


There’s no question companies are being more proactive in their network security approach than ever before. We’ve made substantial gains as an industry, in terms of cybersecurity education and adoption rates across businesses of all sizes. But when major technology companies with multi-layered security programs are still falling victim to breaches year after year, it points to a different problem altogether – that even accepted security best practices can sometimes leave gaps.

It’s this simple and unavoidable truth that drives SonicWall to continue innovating to stay one step ahead of cyber attackers. And there isn’t a better example of this innovation than our cloud-based Capture Advanced Threat Protection Service.

In recent years, many companies have begun incorporating threat detection systems to protect against network attacks. These systems typically rely on a single-engine sandbox, which each vendor sets up to detect threats in a specified way, for example by scanning memory or cache. As you can imagine, this approach leaves security blind spots – cybercriminals only need to know which type of detection is being used to evade it. Even technology analysts have been at a loss for a simple solution, often suggesting customers leverage advanced threat protection from multiple vendors at once in the hopes of covering their bases.

Our team of product engineers recognized that for an advanced threat protection solution to truly stop unknown and zero-day attacks, it would need to address two weaknesses inherent in existing products: First, it would need to use a multi-engine, cloud-based sandboxing approach. Second, to take protection to the next level, the product would need to provide simple, automated remediation. This year, that innovative idea came to fruition as Capture, which was eagerly embraced by our enterprise users and has since become the hallmark of SonicWall’s offering.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Capture has been recognized as the winner of the 2016 CRN Products of the Year Award for Customer Demand in the Security Network category.

CRN Products of the Year Award

CRN is a key IT industry publication for value-added resellers and technology solution providers. The publication hosts an annual call for entries to recognize companies that introduced the year’s most innovative and groundbreaking tech solutions. To win top honors in its category, Capture was evaluated on its ability to transform the tech industry by:

  • reducing production costs
  • increasing worker productivity
  • improving ease of use and money saved for both providers and consumers

Capture not only takes an innovative approach to solving these challenges, it’s proved supremely effective at protecting our customers’ networks against the ever-evolving and intensifying threat landscape. In 2015, our threat research team observed a 73% increase in unique malware samples collected over the previous year. Most of these threats were targeted, evasive and zero-day attacks found across computing systems and devices. Capture was able to detect and halt even advanced, layered attacks by combining the different protection approaches single-sandbox vendors use into one, multi-engine service. So far, the results have been remarkable:

  • stopped 7,300 newly developed malware infections in the past three months
  • stopped 1,400 zero-day attacks
  • provided a two-second mean processing time for files, with 82.8 percent of all files being processed in under five seconds
  • exceeded expected adoption rate on firewalls, including double the expected adoption rate on higher-end firewalls

Now we are honored to receive the CRN 2016 Products of the Year Award, as it is a gratifying reflection on the hard work and innovative thinking of countless SonicWall team members. And as we head into 2017 as a standalone brand, we remain just as dedicated as ever to continue this innovation to create a more secure world for our clients.

What started as a problem that no one in the industry knew how to solve has now become a market-leading, award-winning threat protection solution, keeping businesses safer around the globe. In a few short months, Capture has become a shining example of the opportunity that motivates us as innovators and industry leaders every day – when we put our knowledge and resources to work, we can play a meaningful role in enabling businesses to worry less and achieve more.

To learn more, visit the SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection Service.

SonicWall Staff