Become the “Department of Yes” for BYOD Using SonicWall Secure Mobile Access 8.5


One of the most frightening IT nightmares is hearing employees say their mobile devices or laptops were lost or stolen. Cyber-attacks and mobile threats are at the highest they ever been and will continue soar. Customers large and small face cyber espionage. Today, at SonicWall Security PEAK16 – “Come for Knowledge. Leave with Power” – at the Hotel Excelsior in Malta; we are announcing the SonicWall Secure Mobile Access (SMA) 100 Series OS 8.5. This product’s new features and enhancements offer comprehensive security; it allows IT administrators to quickly and easily deliver secure mobile access and roles based privileges. Remote workers using managed or unmanaged devices will have secure, fast and easy access. I am honored to share this news at our highly anticipated, annual conference for European security value-added resellers (VARs). For the next two days, we are meeting for insightful one-on-one dialogue with top VARs business and technical executives.

The VARS are at the core of our ecosystem. They deliver the expertise to chief security officers (CISOs) with speed and agility, without compromising company security. This is at the heart of our worldwide campaign, the “Department of Yes.” When you partner with SonicWall Security, you have the power and support of the world’s leading security provider for your customers — while opening up limitless opportunities for your business.

“We at CETSAT have been working with the SonicWall family of products for over 15 years. SonicWall has always been able to maintain a commanding relevance to business and today is no different. With IT security increasingly on the mind of every business owner, director and staff responsible for technology, the SonicWall Security portfolio of products leads the way in helping companies of all sizes to reduce risk from cyber threats and prevent disruption to business. CETSAT look forward to a continuing and beneficial relationship with this great world brand.”

— Durgan Cooper, president of CETSAT

Peak16 attendees and press will be introduced to SonicWall Secure Mobile Access OS 8.5’s capacity to allow small to medium sized businesses to ensure workers can be securely productive anywhere and on any device. Becoming part of the “Department of Yes” gives IT administrators the flexibility to enable BYOD while protecting business assets and the organization from today’s shape-shifting threats. The SMA 100 Series is compatible with devices across Windows, iOS, Mac OS X, Android, Linux, Kindle Firewall and Chrome. We provide mobile users secure access to network resources including shared folders, client-server applications, intranet sites, email and remote and virtual desktop services. Our proven and award-winning solutions enable IT to configure polices for context-aware authentication, granting access only to trust devices and authorized users. Some of the innovative enhancements of this release include:

  • Policy wizards – Easy wizards to deploy policies for OWA, ActiveSync, Outlook Anywhere and Auto-discover.
  • HTML5 Enhancements – Delivers end users with a rich access experience within their choice of web browser, eliminating their need to download, install and maintain additional software on their systems.
  • Virtual Host Multicore Support – Increases resource capacity of host resources that can be accessed by SMA giving greater reliability and performance at higher concurrencies for connected users.

Also, noteworthy recent enhancements to SonicWall SMA 100 series include:

  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) Enhancements Securing internal web applications from remote users, SonicWall’s award-winning WAF engine has been enhanced to detect against additional exploits and threats. This ensures that the confidentiality of data and internal web services remain uncompromised if a malicious or rogue authenticated user should gain access.
  • Geo IP Detection and Botnet Protection Grants customers with a mechanism to allow or restrict user access from various geographical locations.
  • End Point Control (EPC) Enhancements Enhancements to the SMA EPC engine provide greater assurance that the endpoint accessing the network is trusted and not malicious.

SonicWall Security EMEA PEAK16 also offers a wealth of state-of-the-art keynotes by our executives (including yours truly), as well as technical and business breakouts that open up the world of the Department of Yes. These jam-packed sessions address our end-to-end security, including our identity-aware firewalls and more:

We are delighted that our security channel partners are joining us for SonicWall Security PEAK16 in Malta. I encourage you to engage live with us by following the ongoing discussion on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook at @SonicWall with the conference hashtags #EMEAPEAK16, and post your comments below.

SonicWall Staff