SonicWall Releases Secure Mobile Access Models 200 and 400


The exponential proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace, both employer issued and personally owned, has increased the demand on businesses to enable secure mobile access to company applications, data and resources. Often, mobile users are using the same device for both business and personal use, resulting in the intermingling of business and personal data and applications. Consequently, businesses are at a growing risk of multiple security breaches such as:

  • Unauthorized users gaining access to company networks and systems from lost or stolen devices
  • Malware infected devices acting as a conduit to infect company systems
  • Interception of company data “in-flight” on unsecured public Wi-Fi networks
  • Loss of business data stored on devices if rogue personal apps or unauthorized users gain access

Today, we have released  SonicWall’s answer to these challenges with the “SonicWall Secure Mobile Access” (SMA) 200 and 400. We are excited to further fortify and control the primary  SonicWall next-generation firewalls, by releasing SonicWall SMA solutions, which offer the following:

  • Provide mobile users secure access to allowed network resources including folders, applications, intranet, e-mail, etc.
  • Secure access across Windows, iOS, Mac OSX, Android, Kindle Fire, Linux & Chrome OS mobile devices
  • Allow administrators to easily configure security policies for context-aware authentication to grant access only to trusted devices and users
  • The SonicWall 100 Series models are rebranded as follows: SonicWall SMA 200, with support for up to 50 concurrent sessions, replaces the SonicWall SRA 1600 and the SonicWall SMA 400, with support for up to 250 concurrent sessions, replaces the SonicWall SRA 4600.

Our partners and customers have been participating in the beta for today’s release and appreciate the solution features. Together, we partner with our Value Added Resellers (VARs) to provide superior IT services worldwide. Peter Rennenkampff, at Fuelled Networks, was part of the recent beta, and he shares the following:

“We have several customers who will benefit from the enhanced platform support for SonicWall MobileConnect in this latest release. Businesses have to contend with the BYOD trend and increase security at the same time. The SMA platform addresses these issues with capabilities such as the End User Authorization, Granular Access Control and enhanced performance. As an established VAR, we have customers that already rely on the SonicWall SRA solution. The new SMA platform will immediately allow our customers to be better connected, more productive and greater control over who has access to valuable data.” said Peter Rennenkampff, Support Engineer, Fuelled Networks, Inc.

We invite you to see a live demo of our new solutions and join us at the booth 1-007 in the South Hall at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, CA from February 29th March 3rd . Follow us on Twitter at @SonicWallSecurity with hashtag #SonicWallGoverProtect to join the conversation. If you are virtual, see our new SMA via Live Demo and learn more: here.

SonicWall Staff