SonicWall Security – Helping CSOs Turn No into Yes

A chief security officer’s (CSO) life is not easy. Typically, requests of them sound like this: “Please deploy more, do it faster, more efficiently, with less money, more securely, and – oh, by the way, be compliant and pass the audit.”

Often, what’s not considered in these requests is the risk a new application, device or cloud-based tool may bring with it. This leads to the CSO and their team being viewed as the Department of No.

A CSO is often forced to push back or shut down requests because they must constantly balance network and data vulnerability against deployment of new apps and new equipment. And with the rise of mobility, remote access and cloud-based resources, they’ve got their hands full securing everything and everyone who’s connected from inside and outside their corporate environment.

As illustrated in a recent SonicWall Security case study, something as simple as a police body camera can bring with it potentially life-threatening results if that device compromises security. While the consequences of most breaches and vulnerabilities are not this dire, they can bring an organization to a standstill and impact the flow of revenue.

In this brief video, I discuss how SonicWall @SonicWall solutions, such as SonicWall One Identity and  SonicWall next-generation firewalls, can help transform a CSO’s life and turn his team into the Department of Yes.

I’ll highlight ways to govern every identity and inspect every packet; how to eliminate siloed infrastructure; show that when IAM and network security solutions communicate that they reinforce each other; and how you can enjoy simplified compliance reporting and easily pass audits.