Evolving and Innovating to Deliver World-Class Security Solutions


This week, I was excited to attend the SonicWall Peak Performance Conference and get an opportunity to speak with our partners about what they’re seeing in the field and how we can help them build their business.

SonicWall’s leadership in security is due to our VARs, who are critical to helping customers keep their organizations safe. We’re continuing our investment in the channel by reaffirming our commitment to arming our partners with the tools and support they need to effectively sell our end-to-end, integrated solutions and grow their customer base. We’re expanding our channel growth programs and hiring worldwide, stepping up marketing efforts, and offering advanced training courses in security so our partners can continue to hone their expertise.

“The key takeaway of SonicWall Peak Performance would be that  SonicWall is totally committed to make things happen, we learned that already in some of the breakout sessions and really whatever you want to do, you have the ability to do. Whether it’s a specific program that they have that you can deploy, or there’s something outside of the box that you want to tell them, they’re going to be interested in helping to make it happen,” said Larry Cecchini, President and CEO of Secure Designs Inc.

One thing we consistently hear both from partners and customers is that they want integrated solutions. Customers no longer are looking for point products, but deserve ““ and are demanding ““ products that will provide top level security without requiring them to purchase a lot of components.

“The tagline is ‘come for knowledge, leave with power’ and definitely we’ve been empowered understanding new products, new services, and then internally being able to connect dots and see where there’s almost unlimited opportunities,” said Ross Dahman, President of Huntleigh Technology Group

We’ve seen the success of these integrated solutions, particularly with our SuperMassive next generation firewalls. The SuperMassive 9800, introduced at last year’s SonicWall Security Peak Performance conference, is the most powerful model in our SuperMassive 9000 Series, delivering comprehensive threat protection to both mid-market and enterprise organizations. We’ve seen 90 percent growth in this line, along with industry recognition the 2015 Info Security Global Excellence Awards named the 9800 the best new product in the firewall category.

We want to build on this success and as you’ve seen through the announcements we’ve made this week, we’re committed to continuing to provide breakthrough security solutions that are tightly integrated. As we build to SonicWall World, held October 20-23 in Austin, TX, you’ll hear more from us as to how we’re leveraging the strength of our SonicWall firewalls and integrating our other, industry-leading solutions, including our privileged access management and Cloud Access Manager solutions. I urge you to come see us at SonicWall World, where you’ll learn more about these exciting integrations and new ways to address advanced persistent threats, including user security, grey files and more.

SonicWall Staff