Jigsaw ransomware variant: Melka, easily reveals decryption key

The SonicWall Capture Labs Threat Research Team observed reports of another variant of the Jigsaw ransomware spreading in the wild.  The malware is written in .NET and appears to be Czech in origin.  Payment is […]

CODESYS web server buffer overflow CVE-2019-18858

Buffer Overflow vulnerability exists in CODESYS web server

Cyber Security News & Trends

This week, SonicWall warnings about school districts under cyberattack prove prophetic as a new bill to protect K-12 districts is introduced, and do you know that the first ransomware attack was 30 years ago? SonicWall […]

PDF using unseen MS-Office URI-Scheme to run remote office to deliver Key-Logger

Malware authors are using a new technique to run remote Microsoft Office (MS Office) files. SonicWall threat research team has observed a PDF file with embedded JavaScript, which is using MS Office URI scheme to […]

Cyber Security News & Trends

This week, SonicWall Capture Threat Labs releases data on cyberattacks over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday period, and the cybercriminals involved in the attacks put the stolen data up for sale. SonicWall Spotlight […]

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