An image that explains how SonicWall strengthens cloud security with Banyan Security.

零信任邂逅無限可能:SonicWall 透過 SSE 保障遠端辦公安全

「去工作」不再意味著需要去公司。員工不再局限於傳統的網路邊界,而是可透 […]

An image that illustrates how SonicWall and Solutions Granted adds MDR and SOCaaS capability.

SonicWall 以 MDR 與 SOCaaS 支援合作夥伴

網路安全形勢從未如此複雜。隨著威脅的數量與複雜性不斷發展,預算和員工數 […]

An image that shows SonicWall's Gen 7 NGFWs that offer advanced cybersecurity against rising threats.

SonicWall 第 7 代防火墻:穩定、安全、可擴展

2023 年上半年,SonicWall Capture Labs 威脅 […]

The featured image about how SonicWall NSM enhances alert capabilities and reduces alert fatigue. Customize critical notifications for better network security management.

全新 SecureFirst 合作夥伴計劃如何將合作夥伴放在第一位

30 多年來,積極活躍且不斷成長的合作夥伴社群鑄就 SonicWall […]

Recognizing Outstanding Partner and Distributor Performance in 2022

SonicWall’s 2022 was truly ex […]

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