Give a ZTNA Boost to Your SonicWall Firewall

SonicWall is excited to announce a significant leap forward in Private Application/Resource Security with its Cloud Secure Edge (Formerly Banyan Security) Connector integration in SonicOS 7.1.2. This solution enables remote users to have secure private access using zero-trust capabilities. 


Solving the Private Access Dilemma 

Firewalls are essential to network security, filtering traffic, and keeping bad actors away. With the rise of cloud applications and remote workforce demands, some customers seek a centralized and easy-to-manage option to provide secure access to their private applications.   

SonicWall customers can now leverage Cloud Secure Edge Connector integration within their Next-Generation firewalls (Gen7), enabling Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) to their private apps hosted behind the firewall.  With ZTNA you get a granular security approach. This approach ensures that user and device trust are repeatedly verified before granting access to specific applications, regardless of location and endpoint type. 

Perks of Adopting the Solution  

The Cloud Secure Edge Connector to our next-generation firewalls will provide unparalleled security benefits, including:  

Reduced Attack Surface: Organizations can prevent unauthorized access attempts by adopting a zero-trust approach of “Trust No One, Always Verify,” even if a device is breached in the network perimeter. 

Simplified Remote Access: Cloud Secure Edge Connector integration in SonicOS 7.1.2 allows employees to securely access authorized applications from anywhere, on any device, without having to deal with repetitive and complex VPN and Access Policy configurations. With Cloud Secure Edge, all user and device-level access policies are defined in the cloud command center.  

A Better User Experience: Enabling ZTNA has never been easier. Secure access can now be enabled with a few clicks and a simple private resource definition on your SonicWall Firewall. 

Need More Details On the Underlying Tech? 

The Cloud Secure Edge Connector is a dial-out connector that establishes a secure tunnel with the Global Edge Network, another component of the Cloud Secure Edge. The Connector/Firewall can be deployed in any geolocation and connect to your internal services/Private Applications. 

On the SonicWall Firewall, you have a new option to enable the Cloud Secure Edge Connector. This feature enables the end user to access private resources located behind the firewall. To use this feature, the Connector must be configured and connected to the Global Edge Network, also known as POP (point of presence). 

As the firewall snippet below shows, a simple toggle button enables this feature. This one-click, easy solution automatically takes care of all related firewall settings for the user.  

In the screenshot below, a simple toggle button or one click establishes the Cloud Secure Edge connectivity. This one-click solution automatically sets up the Connector association in Cloud Secure Edge. You can then enable the Connector and customize the routes published and resolvable domains in the Connectors tab. The rest of the configuration is all in the Cloud Secure Edge admin console.   

This functionality is also available on firewalls enrolled in Network Security Manager from release 2.5 onwards.  The Cloud Secure Edge Connectivity is enabled with a click of a button. Network Security Manager acts as a centralized firewall manager, allowing management, alerting, and monitoring of the Connector on the firewall per firewall level and allowing bulk configuration via Templates. 

The SonicOS 7.1.2 release is now available for installation on any SonicWall Gen 7 NGFW. Learn more about what makes Gen 7 our most secure, stable, and scalable lineup yet, or reach out to your SonicWall partner or sales rep to upgrade today. 

Pradip Koli
Senior Product Manager | SonicWall
Pradip Koli is a Senior Product Manager at SonicWall. He has over nine years of experience in cybersecurity product management, technical solutions and customer experience. Before SonicWall, Pradip led teams of different sizes at Netskope, overseeing teams delivering and supporting SASE/SSE and cloud/network security solutions. Pradip joined SonicWall to enhance the Network and Access Security portfolio, focusing on developing Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) and SonicWall Switch products.