Why 5G Needs to Start with Secure Network Access

5G comes with enormous possibilities — and increased risks. Here’s what you need to consider when securing your network in preparation for this game-changing technology. The latest cellular connectivity standard, 5G, has taken wireless performance […]

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Why Organizations Should Adopt Wi-Fi 6 Now

With its new SonicWave 641 and SonicWave 681 access points, SonicWall has combined the security and performance benefits of Wi-Fi 6 with our simplified management and industry-leading TCO. Organizations are evolving — some more quickly, […]

How Unified Cloud Simplifies Network Switch Management.

SonicWall Wireless Network Manager (WNM) unifies and simplifies network switches, access points, and network-wide configuration control. Network managers are busy and getting busier. Not only do they have record-breaking cyberthreats and new security mandates piling […]

SD-WAN and VPN Orchestrations: Fast-Tracking Enterprise Growth

If you’re planning to onboard multiple branches or refresh existing sites with newer firewalls, SonicWall now offers options to help you effortlessly fast-track the process. We recently announced the expansion of our Network Security Manager […]

Announcing Wireless Network Manager for Unified Wired and Wireless Management

Wireless devices are driving digital transformation to the cloud. Today 94% of enterprises use the cloud, and 94% of SMBs report security benefits after moving to the cloud. And this year, worldwide wireless device adoption […]

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