How Unified Cloud Simplifies Network Switch Management.


SonicWall Wireless Network Manager (WNM) unifies and simplifies network switches, access points, and network-wide configuration control.

Network managers are busy and getting busier. Not only do they have record-breaking cyberthreats and new security mandates piling up, but they also have the day-to-day tasks of managing resources, provisioning assets, and monitoring the entire network ecology. Then there are the productivity issues of having to do it all and not get lost in layers of software accounts and user interfaces.

Network switches help control the complexity. Switches are an essential tool for connecting computers, servers, and other network resources. They’re also a primary means of controlling devices and traffic and adjusting a network’s security profile whenever necessary.

Unified cloud management is the natural next step in managing network switches. At a very simple level, unified cloud management facilitates configuration and monitoring thousands of switch ports instantaneously over the web. But, dive deeper, and there is you a panoply of capability and functionality that allow IT teams to work smarter – accomplishing major tasks with just a few simple clicks on a cloud-based interface and without deploying a staff of on-site smart hands to guide processes.

Next Level Network Switch Management

SonicWall Wireless Network Manager (WNM) is the “next level” unified cloud management system. WNM is designed to give IT teams an intuitive tool for one-touch wireless and switching network management capabilities while giving them data-rich analytics and easy onboarding workflows from a single pane of glass. In addition, WNM’s cloud-based infrastructure helps simplify access, control and troubleshooting by unifying multiple tenants, locations and zones.

From one interface, managers provision remote sites, deploy network-wide configuration changes and manage campus and distributed networks. SonicWall WNM significantly reduces dedicated technical training and deploying dedicated staff to smart-touch devices and other resources by working via the cloud.

In addition, cloud-managed switches and access points have additional cloud-based management functionality. For example, they automatically discover wired and wireless devices connected to a network and then draw the topology that enables network administrators to troubleshoot issues remotely quickly.

WNM supports thousands of SonicWave Access points and SonicWall Switches without the cost of complex overlay management systems. With the release of WNM 3.5, administrators can control SonicWall switches and existing SonicWave access points all at once. Onboarding and deployment of SonicWall switches and access points are automatic and networks are up in minutes.

Single-pane-of-glass Network Management

We mentioned WNM’s single-pane-of-glass design. What this means is that WNM provides an intuitive dashboard that not only simplifies control but also unifies visual data. In addition, it comes as an integrated part of the SonicWall Capture Security Center ecosystem, where IT teams can efficiently and effectively manage just about every aspect of networks of any size.

Administrators can drill down to specific managed devices for granular data and status, plus examine a detailed view of network hierarchy right down to single policies created at the tenant level that are pushed down to various locations and zones. In addition, WNM is highly scalable, from a single site to global enterprise networks with tens of thousands of managed devices supporting multiple tenants.

Stable and Reliable Operations

WNM delivers the stability and reliability of the cloud. During an Internet outage, access points and switches can continue to work without WNM, ensuring business continuity. Two-factor authentication and packet encryption heighten security. Automatic firmware and security updates keep managed devices up to date. Selectively apply Production, Beta or Patch firmware on each managed device as needed. Automatically send reports to multiple recipients at the same time.

Zero-Touch Deployment and Advanced Analysis Tools

With WNM and Zero-Touch Deployment, an array of SonicWall switches can be up and running in minutes. Register and onboard the devices from anywhere with the SonicExpress app. Plus, WNM’s topology tool provides network topology maps and managed device statistics for quick visual analysis of every aspect of the network.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

SonicWall Wireless Network Manager drives down the total cost of ownership by shifting capital expenditures to operating expenses. Wireless Network Manager cuts out the cost and maintenance of redundant hardware-based controllers and optimizes data center rack space. In addition, its intuitive interface reduces training and administrative overhead costs.

Even with a limited staff, and no matter the size of your network, SonicWall Wireless Network Manager offers unified visibility and control in a secure, Wi-Fi cloud-managed solution. To learn more, visit

Tiju Cherian
Senior Manager, Product Management | SonicWall
Tiju Cherian leads the firewall product management team at SonicWall. Prior to this position, Tiju held escalation and lead roles at SonicWall, Accenture and HCL. He has 16-plus years of experience in the technology space, specializing in firewalls, VPN technology, information and enterprise network security.