Emotet and Trickbot: The Battle of the Botnets

Emotet began as a banking trojan in 2014 — but from this inauspicious start, it grew to become “the world’s most dangerous malware” according to Europol, and one of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s […]

CSa 1.2: Advanced, Closed-Network Threat Protection

With the introduction of SonicWall CSa 1000, we brought the threat prevention capabilities of Capture ATP and our patented Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection™ (RTDMI) on prem — allowing government, healthcare and other organizations subject to […]

Tipping Point: SonicWall Exposes Soaring Threat Levels, Historic Power Shifts In New Report

Cybersecurity is a dynamic field, and each year brings the introduction of new attack vectors, shifts in favored targets, and refinements in cybercriminal techniques. But very few years have brought the sort of change we […]

Hafnium Uses Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Against Microsoft Exchange: What to Do Next

While the industry is still reeling from the impacts of the SolarWinds Orion supply-chain attack, another salvo has been launched at the already burnt-out response teams. Researchers at DEVCORE discovered and reported several vulnerabilities in […]

Massive Supply-Chain Attack Targets SolarWinds Orion Platform

As many as 300,000 businesses, organizations and government agencies could be at risk of compromise due to an attack exploiting vulnerabilities in SolarWinds’ Orion products. The threat actor behind the attack is believed to be […]



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