What is Cryptojacking, and how does it affect your Cybersecurity?

How do you know if cryptojacking is impacting your business? Learn how to spot infections and how to deploy solutions to protect your network and endpoints. The good news for cryptocurrency is that the model […]

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World Backup Day: Because Real Life Can Have Save Points Too

You’ve been playing for hours. You’ve faced two tough enemies in a row, and all signs indicate you’re about to take your remaining 12 hit points straight into a boss fight. Up ahead a glowing […]

Cyberattacks on Government Skyrocketed in 2021

Over the past several years, cybersecurity researchers (including those at SonicWall) have noted a growing shift away from the “spray-and-pray” tactics that dominated much of the past decade, to a more targeted “big-game hunting” approach. […]

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Meeting the Cybersecurity Needs of the Hybrid Workforce

Not only is the hybrid workforce here to stay, but it’s growing as well. And along with it come massive business and technical challenges. In April, SonicWall’s senior solution engineer, Rajesh Agnihotri, will lead a […]

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Third-Party ICSA Testing – Perfect Score Number 4

SonicWall Capture ATP with RTDMI identified all malicious samples with no false positives — four times in a row. As those in the cybersecurity industry know, ICSA doesn’t grade on a curve: testing rounds with […]

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