Infiltrate, Adapt, Repeat: A Look at Tomorrow’s Malware Landscape

What would you think if I told you that malware attacks are down, but new variants of malware are up? According to the SonicWall 2021 Cyber Threat Report, malware attacks are down from their high […]

Capture Client 3.6 Launch Brings Key Features

We’re pleased to announce the SonicWall Capture Client 3.6 release, which offers our customers the addition of three key features. First of all, it will allow users using MacOS to update their systems to Big […]

Cybercrime on Campus: How Education Became Attackers’ Biggest Target

At the core of educational philosophy is the idea that no two schools (or students) are alike. But regardless of differences in location, revenue or grade level, educational institutions are increasingly facing a common problem: […]

Understanding the Difference Between Azure Firewall Services and SonicWall NSv

The firewall market has always been full of options, with a number of vendors each offering a variety of models. This is truer today than ever, with cybersecurity companies now developing firewalls for the cloud […]

Clear and Present Danger: Why Cybersecurity is More Critical than Ever

As the world began battling a once-in-a-century pandemic in 2020, global companies were caught grossly underprepared for what followed. With remote working and digital tech becoming the default, companies scrambled to adjust, which exposed severe […]



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