Overcoming Advanced Evasion of Malware Detection

Malware evasion tactics are now fully present in the arsenal of threat actors. It’s essential that any threat detection technology remain hidden from malware to be able to effectively detect advanced attacks. Equally important, the […]

Not Safe for Work

As businesses increasingly rely on Office 365 files, sightings of their “evil twin” are on the rise. It was nearly a week late, but Tom finally received the pricing proposal he’d requested from Tetome Supply. […]

Bring the Power of RTDMI Analysis On-Premises with CSa 1000

Our cloud-based Capture Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) service has been a great success across the SonicWall ecosystem since its introduction in 2016. With hundreds of thousands of networks around the world protected by Capture ATP, […]

What’s the Malware Capital of the US?

A lot of the dangers in the U.S. follow logical and predictable patterns. If you want to avoid tornadoes, you shouldn’t live in Oklahoma, Kansas or Nebraska. If you’re worried about hurricanes and earthquakes, you […]

Protect Against SYLKin Attack with SonicWall Cloud App Security

With the definition of normal changing with each passing day, the ongoing pandemic has forced security professionals to re-evaluate new working models and how they can prevent attackers from targeting end users. Albert Einstein once […]



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