How SonicWall ZTNA protects against Log4j (Log4Shell)

The Log4j vulnerability likely affects millions of devices. But it (and vulnerabilities like it) can be stopped. IMPORTANT: For the latest information regarding SonicWall products and Apache Log4j, please see PSIRT Advisory ID SNWLID-2021-0032, which […]

The Rise and Growth of Malware-as-a-Service

A deep dive into the minds of the hackers and their new and profitable business model. Imagine you’re part of a group of hackers, and you spend hours upon hours coding the perfect malware package. […]

10 Tips for a Safe and Happy Holiday

They’re not interested in peace on earth, a hippopotamus or their two front teeth. You won’t find them decking the halls, dashing through the snow or even up on the housetop. But that doesn’t mean […]

Cyber Threat Alert: Ransomware Breaks Another Record

As the ‘Year of Ransomware’ roars on, SonicWall observes 3rd Quarter with another unprecedented, record-breaking surge in attacks. In July 2021, SonicWall released its widely quoted Mid-Year Update to the 2021 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report with alarming […]

Check Before You Click and Fight the Phish!

Phishing is one of the oldest cybersecurity scams. The first phishing attacks occurred during the mid-1990s when unsuspecting users of America Online (AOL) answered fraudulent emails and gave up passwords and credit card information. Fast forward twenty […]



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