An image that shows a SonicWall NSsp firewall unit with multiple ports and interfaces.

Why Should You Choose SonicWall’s NSsp Firewalls?

SonicWall’s firewalls for small and medium-sized businesses have a huge following, and for good reason: With award-winning threat protection and industry-leading TCO, our TZ and NSa Series firewalls offer some of the best values on […]

Utilize APIs to Scale Your MySonicWall Operation

At SonicWall, we strongly believe in simplifying technology and techniques for our partners and customers. We’re continuously putting forth the effort to make the jobs of our MSP and MSSP partners easier and more scalable. […]

First-Half 2023 Threat Intelligence: SonicWall Mid-Year Threat Report Cover

First-Half 2023 Threat Intelligence: Tracking Cybercriminals Into the Shadows

Over the past five years, cybercriminal groups have become increasingly corporatized. The early 2020s even saw them starting to market themselves as they endeavored to become widely known — both to be taken more seriously […]

Featured Image for Easy and Affordable TZ Firewall for Small and Medium Businesses.

If It’s Easy, It’s TZ

“Grow by leveraging the web” is today’s SMB rally call. But it is the echo to that call that you need to pay attention to – as you open the internet door wider, you are […]

Featured image showcasing SonicWall's comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for SMBs and enterprises.

Sonic Boom: Getting to Know the New SonicWall

In the months after I graduated college, I wasn’t yet sure what I wanted to do next. After attempts to join both the military and the Peace Corps fell through, the possibilities stretched endlessly before […]

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