Firewall As a Service Model for Business Subscription

One sure-fire business model to win more business is to offer products or services at a predictable and affordable monthly cost. This set cost makes it easier for your customers to plan their cash flow […]

Inspect Everything, Protect Everything: Next Generation Firewalls for Network Segmentation Inspection

Most of us would reach into a cookie jar full of delicious, just-out-of-the-oven, chocolate chip cookies without a care in the world, or any doubt that we should simply enjoy the euphoric chocolaty goodness. But […]

Looking Ahead to Black Friday: Fortify Your Network Security

One of my first customers in IT was a large retailer, with more than a thousand stores. This was at a time when e-commerce was just beginning, at least for large, traditional retailers. Giving their […]

How Network Security Has Evolved From Saying “No” to Saying “Yes!”

In medieval times, people relied heavily on physical security to protect their critical assets. Originally they had castles with walls and as attackers figured out how to breach those walls they added moats and draw […]

The “Aha” Moment. Say Yes to Security and Collaboration.

In survey after survey, IT executives continue to say that security is one of the top challenges they face. No one has to tell us about the risks. The stories of data theft and breaches […]

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