SiteCloak Page Obfuscation Techniques Leading to Greater Number of Missed Phishing Attacks

Ever since COVID-19 began closing offices and largely restricting people to their homes, cyber adversaries have been having a field day using the pandemic as a launchpad for phishing attacks. Organizations and individuals must be […]

How to Protect Multi-Cloud Environments with a Virtual Firewall

Virtualization technology is powering a momentous revolution in today’s modern data centers and clouds, leading to designs that are commonly a mix of private, public and hybrid cloud computing environments. International Data Corporation (IDC) research […]

7 Key Security Risks to Address when Adopting SaaS Applications

Infrastructure? Who needs it. The modern organization is ditching traditional on-premise software and related infrastructure in favor of software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings.  SaaS provides attractive and often essential options for reducing CapEx, operational overhead and decreased deployment […]

Podcast: Cloud Application Security Is Your Gateway to Cloud Confidence

The number of attack vectors cybercriminals can abuse to infiltrate your network grows by the day. The challenge is exasperated when you introduce approved third-party cloud applications, not to mention the untold number of shadow […]

What to Look for in a CASB Solution

Virtually every organization across major verticals — K-12 and higher education, financial services, retail and hospitality, and government — is undertaking digital transformation endeavors. And this includes migrating applications and data to the cloud. When […]



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