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NSv Series and Microsoft Azure’s Government Cloud: Strengthening Cloud Security

While the benefits of cloud computing are widely recognized, Federal agencies have been among the last to enjoy these benefits due to the national security implications of the data they handle. But with the recent […]

Secure government workloads on AWS GovCloud with SonicWall NSv virtual firewalls. See how our solution enhances government cloud security.

NSv Series and AWS GovCloud: Facilitating Government’s Move to the Cloud

Due to the highly classified nature of the information they handle, Federal agencies have been among the last to move their workloads to the cloud. But with guidance such as the U.S. White House’s Executive […]

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NSv Virtual Firewall: Tested and Certified in AWS Public Cloud

More than 90% of enterprises use the cloud in some way, with 69% of those considered hybrid cloud users (utilizing both private and public clouds). Along with widespread remote work adoption, this shift is driving […]

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Unpacking the U.S. Cybersecurity Executive Order

Amid the 2021 wave of frequent, high-profile ransomware attacks on U.S. organizations, the White House issued its “Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity.” Section 3 of the order states: “The federal government must adopt […]

Illuminating Cybersecurity with Unified Insights

SonicWall delivers cross-product security visibility and greater efficiency with a single pane of glass. Gone are the days when cybersecurity managers have to rely on individual product monitors to determine the security status of their […]

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