How to Protect Multi-Cloud Environments with a NSv Virtual Firewall.

Secure the virtual workforce in multi-cloud environments. The drive for virtualization places enormous pressures on modern data centers to accommodate multi-cloud networking that often features a mix of private, public and hybrid cloud computing environments. […]

SonicWall Delivers Choice, Flexibility as Part of Cloud Evolution

The performance and efficacy of cybersecurity solutions are important. But so are choice and flexibility, which are often lost as vendors force deployment options into customer environments. Building and deploying sound cybersecurity controls is no […]

Elevating SonicWall to the Cloud

If the cloud were human, it would say veni, vidi, vici! One can argue whether “the cloud” is still just a buzzword … whether it’s real or just another person’s computer … whether it’s a […]

Why SDP Matters in Zero Trust

Today’s networks have never been more diverse and distributed. While the network and security used to operate within a physical perimeter, digital transformation has made the old castle-and-moat model of security largely insufficient to protect […]

SonicWall Fortifies Cloud Edge Secure Access with Device Compliance Check and Network Traffic Control

With so many people working from home, PC sales in April broke a two-decade record — and most of these new devices need to connect to corporate networks. CISOs and IT admins face a daunting challenge […]

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