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Vote for SonicWall in Computing Security Awards 2022

SonicWall is a finalist in Four Computing Security Awards categories.


SonicWall is excited to announce that the company has been selected as a finalist in several categories for the Computing Security Awards 2022. We are privileged to be included alongside other admired companies — a testament to the loyalty of our customers and the dedication of our more than 17,000 global partners.

SonicWall was included in the finals of four categories:

  • Remote Monitoring Security Solution of the Year: SonicWall Capture Security Center
  • Security Hardware Solution of the Year: SonicWall NSa Firewall Series
  • New Security Hardware Product of the Year: SonicWall NSa Firewall Series
  • Web Application Firewall of the Year: SonicWall Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Voting is now open and ends Sept. 30, 2022. Please vote for SonicWall in each of the categories in which we are finalists. To access the Computing Security Awards 2022 portal, click here.

After entering your information in the predefined sections, you can vote for your favorite solution in each of the mentioned categories. Don’t forget to click the ‘Submit’ button. Only then will your answers be recorded. Please note that votes from personal email accounts, such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc., will not be counted.

Thank you in advance for voting for SonicWall.

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