Cybersecurity News & Trends – 01-08-21


This week, the massive SolarWinds breach made headlines around the world, but that doesn’t mean other hackers took a holiday.

SonicWall in the News

Zero Trust Against Nation-State Attacks: Expert Explains Why it is Vital — Information Security Buzz

  • The fallout of the SolarWinds breach continues to reverberate across the industry, and the conversation is shifting to how to mitigate and defend against the next attack on this scale. Dmitriy Ayrapetov weighs in.

Reasons To Believe — Or Not Believe — in IoT — IoT Agenda

  • Data from SonicWall’s Threat Report on the increase in IoT attacks was included in an article on the benefits and challenges of IoT.

AI and ML: Is it a boon or bane for cyber security?” — VAR India

  • SonicWall VP of Regional Sales Debasish Mukherjee, talks about BYOD and the number of malicious attacks and cyber frauds across the globe due to the pandemic.

Industry News

North Korean hackers launch RokRat Trojan in campaigns against the South — ZDNet

  • A VBA self-decoding technique is being used to hide the malware on impacted systems.

Widely Used Software Company May Be Entry Point for Huge U.S. Hacking — The New York Times

  • Russian hackers may have piggybacked on a tool developed by JetBrains, which is based in the Czech Republic, to gain access to federal government and private sector systems in the United States.

Babuk Locker is the first new enterprise ransomware of 2021 — Bleeping Computer

  • It’s a new year, and with it comes a new ransomware. This one is called Babuk Locker, and it targets corporate victims in human-operated attacks.

Cyberattacks on Healthcare Spike 45% Since November — Threat Post

  • The relentless rise in COVID-19 cases is battering already-frayed healthcare systems — and ransomware criminals are taking the opportunity to strike.

Top admiral: SolarWinds computer hack didn’t harm U.S.-based nukes — The Washington Times

  • America’s nuclear arsenal wasn’t compromised by a recent cyberattack targeting computer networks used by government agencies and private companies, the Navy admiral at the helm of the U.S. Strategic Command said.

Severe SolarWinds Hacking: 250 Organizations Affected? — Bank Info Security

  • Investigators are finding that the campaign appears to have compromised more than the 50 organizations originally suspected—and a Russian-linked hacking group may be responsible.

This malware uses a crafty new technique to establish the location of victims — Tech Radar 

  • A newly discovered form of malware grabs and queries the MAC address of the wireless router, enabling it to geo-locate its victim’s machine more accurately.

Cross-platform ElectroRAT malware drains cryptocurrency wallets — Bleeping Computer

  • Security researchers have discovered a new remote access trojan (RAT) used to empty the cryptocurrency wallets of thousands of Windows, Linux, and macOS users.

Major Gaming Companies Hit with Ransomware Linked to APT27 — Threat Post 

  • A recent slew of related ransomware attacks on top videogame companies has been associated with the notorious Chinese-linked APT27 threat group, suggesting that the advanced persistent threat (APT) is swapping up its historically espionage centralized tactics to adopt ransomware, a new report says.

2021 Cybersecurity Trends: Bigger Budgets, Endpoint Emphasis and Cloud — Cybersecurity Trends

  • Insider threats are redefined in 2021, the work-from-home trend will continue define the threat landscape and mobile endpoints become the attack vector of choice, according 2021 forecasts.

Be warned: COVID-19 vaccine scams are now appearing online, over text, and by email — ZDNet

  • With millions of us waiting for our place in the vaccine queue, criminals are already trying to cash in.

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