Introducing the SonicExpress Mobile App


TZ570 and TZ670 Series firewall customers now have a new way to ease and enhance their onboarding experience.

For most of us, mobile devices are becoming the go-to means for getting work done in a digitally connected world. By 2023, the number of mobile device users will increase to 7.33 billion — and by 2025, 72% of those accessing applications and the web will do so with smartphones alone.

Network admins are also utilizing mobile devices to get work done: These devices allow them to extend their presence, enabling faster responses and easier network configuration and setup.

As part of our commitment to anytime, anywhere cybersecurity, SonicWall is launching the SonicExpress mobile app. The SonicExpress mobile app greatly simplifies firewall onboarding: device registration, initial setup, basic configuration, and monitoring for 7th generation SonicWall firewalls, including the recently launched TZ670 and TZ570 series. Designed for the Apple and Android platforms, the SonicExpress app is now available for download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Onboarding as easy as 1, 2, 3

The typical onboarding process involves appliance registration and several other steps that must be completed in order to get a new firewall ready for configuration and use. With SonicExpress, the onboarding experience of a new firewall involves just three simple steps:

  1. Launch the SonicExpress App on a mobile device
  2. Connect a mobile device USB cable to the new firewall
  3. Finish setup

Designed with intuitive interfaces, the SonicExpress app guides the user through device registration and initial setup in less than a minute.

Simplified initial firewall setup

Zero-touch deployments require firewalls to connect to the internet using a DHCP address on the WAN interface. However, in certain deployments, WAN interfaces are assigned static IP addresses or configured over a PPPoE interface. For closed network deployments, there is typically no internet connectivity for the firewall being set up. The app helps with these and other initial setup configurations by connecting the firewall using the USB interface.

The SonicWall Express Setup Guide walks users through the process of getting their firewall registered and set up for specific deployment use cases. Alternately, users can choose to register the firewall without going through the entire setup process by simply scanning a QR code.

Monitoring your firewall

The SonicExpress app allows users to monitor firewalls for threat alerts, resource utilization and system status via an intuitive dashboard. It offers the flexibility of being able to check the health of your network from anywhere and the convenience of being able to make easy, quick changes necessary to ensure the security posture of your network.

There’s more coming

This is just the initial release of the app — we’ll be adding more features in future releases, including firmware management and advanced configuration capabilities similar to those available on the web management interface.

For a firsthand look at the new SonicExpress App, you can download it directly from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

SonicWall Staff