SonicWall’s Online Community Connects Cybersecurity Professionals


SonicWall recently launched an online community to connect like-minded professionals from around the world. Since the launch, there have been nearly a thousand users who have interacted with one another, each contributing and helping through their own unique technical expertise, personal knowledge and experience.

But what is a community? Gartner defines a community as “a constantly changing group of people collaborating and sharing their ideas over an electronic network.” By bringing together a group of people with a common interest, providing a platform for addressing many readers at once, and facilitating communication in real time, Gartner says, communities are able to optimize their collective power.

We’ve seen this definition come to life with the launch of SonicWall Community—and the benefits are already becoming clear:

  • Exchanging best practices for lowering total cost of ownership through SonicWall solutions.
  • Learning how to maximize the value of SonicWall products.
  • Connecting with product management and support to ask questions, get help or submit an idea.
  • Sharing your experience and expertise with other SonicWall users.

A Truly Engaging Community

At its core, the community enables cybersecurity professionals to connect with one another in relevant and meaningful ways. The community is a place to ask questions, start new discussions, and collaborate with experts from across a variety of industries.

Customers and partners with questions have received relevant and helpful responses by both SonicWall staff and experienced professionals in the field. Members have come together to solve difficult problems. Through collective brainstorming and creativity, issues that may have taken a few days are now solved in half the time.

The community is easy to use and features a variety of ways to find meaningful content. Take advantage of the built-in search to find relevant posts, view the latest discussions, or select from a wide variety of solution categories.

And with the real-time notification option, it’s easy to know when one of your questions has received a response. You can also choose to stay up to date on product notifications, user mentions, issues found in the wild, and more

The community even has a developer hub for in-depth technical discussions, as well as a virtual “water cooler” to take a break to swap ideas and connect with peers.

The best part about joining the community is that it gives you free, 24/7 access to a wealth of knowledge — and getting started is easy. Simply navigate to and sign in with your existing MySonicWall credentials to start participating. If you don’t have a MySonicWall account, that’s OK. It’s free to create one and takes just a few minutes to sign up.

Join SonicWall Community

Whether you’re just getting started with SonicWall products or you’ve been with us for years, the SonicWall community has something to offer. And if you choose to share your own unique knowledge and experience, you have the potential to help countless others.

Come join the conversation now at

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Micah Vorst
Sr. Manager, Digital Customer Experience | SonicWall
Micah Vorst, Project Management Professional (PMP), is SonicWall’s Self-Service Sr. Manager. He oversees a portfolio of programs, including the support portal, knowledge base, community forum and more. With over a decade of cybersecurity experience and service as a Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps, Micah brings a broad and unique perspective when managing people and projects.