Cybersecurity News & Trends – 05-07-20


This week, healthcare continues to be in the crosshairs and ransomware-for-hire continues to mean big paydays for cybercriminals.

SonicWall Spotlight

Hackers Are Calling In The Raccoons — Fudzilla

  • Hackers are exploiting anxiety around Covid-19 to create new hooks for their malware, such as the new Raccoon Stealer variant uncovered by SonicWall’s Threat Research team

SonicWall Called Upon by Health Giant GNC to Rapidly Provide Protection of Remote, Mobile Workforce — CXOToday

  • SonicWall and GNC Holdings (GNC), a leading global health and wellness brand, are working closely to increase capacity of the company’s existing Secure Mobile Access (SMA) deployment to connect and secure the company’s growing volume of work-from-home employees.

Web-applications Attacks, Including SQL Injection Attacks, More Than Doubled In 2019, According To Data From Sonicwall — Security Boulevard

  • What is an SQL injection attack? How common are they? And why are they so devastating? Security Boulevard weighs in on these nefarious attacks, and gives tips on how to prevent them.

Cybersecurity News

It Has Been 20 Years Since Cybercrime Woke Up To Social Engineering With An Intriguing Little Email Titled ‘ILOVEYOU’ — The Register

  • Two decades have passed since cybercrooks demonstrated the role exploiting human psychology could play in spreading malware.

10 Questions With Tech Data Security Guru Alex Ryals On Security Trends And Training In Isolation — CRN

  • Learning about cybersecurity has never been more important — but with an abundance of styles and modules to choose from, it’s also never been easier.

Cyber-spies seek coronavirus vaccine secrets — BBC

  • The U.S. has seen foreign spy agencies carry out reconnaissance of research into a coronavirus vaccine, a senior U.S. intelligence official told the BBC — and similar reports have come from the UK as well.

Healthcare Targeted By More Attacks But Less Sophistication — Dark Reading

  • An increase in attacks targeting healthcare organizations suggests that perhaps new cybercriminals are getting into the game.

Sodinokibi, Ryuk ransomware drive up average ransom to $111,000 — Bleeping Computer

  • The first quarter of the year saw a 33% increase of the average amount ransomware operators demand from their victims compared to the previous quarter.

LockBit, the new ransomware for hire: a sad and cautionary tale — Ars Technica

  • A ransomware infection involving a recent strain called LockBit ransacked one company’s poorly secured network in a matter of hours, leaving leaders no viable choice other than to pay the ransom.

New Kaiji Botnet Targets IoT, Linux Devices — Threat Post

  • The botnet uses SSH brute-force attacks to infect devices and a custom implant written in the Go Language.

Phishing Attacks Against Banks Jump With Pandemic Used as Lure — Bloomberg

  • Cyber-attacks trying to trick bank employees into clicking on malicious links jumped in the first quarter, with criminals attempting to take advantage of fear and confusion caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Bloomberg reports.

SilverTerrier BEC scammers target US govt healthcare agencies — Bleeping Computer

  • Government healthcare agencies, COVID-19 response organizations, and medical research facilities from across the globe were the targets of Business Email Compromise (BEC) phishing campaigns coordinated by multiple Nigerian BEC actors during the last three months.

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