‘Boundless Cybersecurity’ Protects Organizations Mobilizing for the New Business Normal


A new ‘business normal’ has arrived for each and every enterprise, organization, business and government agency. It’s a new work reality where everyone is mobile, everyone is remote and everyone is less secure.

This sudden shift has accelerated future technology, communication, networking and cybersecurity plans.

The era of the ‘anytime, anywhere business’ is here now, forever changing the shape of the IT and business landscape. The massively expanding distributed IT reality — fueled by the proliferation of apps and devices, the pervasive cloud, borderless organizations, sensors everywhere — is creating an unprecedented explosion of exposure points for businesses.

These combined forces dramatically escalate risk, making the cost of conventional security prohibitive and the shortage of trained personnel more acute. Constrained budget and staffing resources can’t keep up, creating a growing ‘cybersecurity business gap’ that is unbridgeable with conventional security approaches.

So, how do organizations protect the integrity of their business when nearly 100% of their workforce is remote, everything is open and accessible, breach is inevitable, conventional solutions fall short, and increasing scrutiny creates mounting pressure?

More than ever, what’s needed is a shift to a new Boundless Cybersecurity Model that mobilizes organizations for the new business normal — all while breaking free of the constraints of the past. This new model moves organizations from conventional and constrained strategies to a modern, proactive and boundless model.

What is Boundless Cybersecurity?

A new global climate and fast-moving market dynamics accelerate the need for Boundless Cybersecurity, which proactively mitigates cyberattacks across organizations’ boundless exposure points, including a ‘boundless’ workforce of remote, mobile and cloud-enabled users. Boundless Cybersecurity is rooted by three core principles:

  • Know the unknown. Detect evasive and cutting-edge threats with SonicWall’s innovation in technology, like the Capture Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) cloud sandbox service, patent-pending Real-Time Deep Memory InspectionTM (RTDMI), machine learning and deep cyber threat intelligence.
  • See everything. Everywhere. No more management siloes. Gain unified visibility and control that integrates the technology, services and solutions you need for end-to-end security (e.g., Capture Security Center).
  • Scale your TCO. SonicWall has architected ways to leverage truly disruptive and scalable economics to make it cost-effective to protect any enterprise, SMB, organization or government

With SonicWall Boundless Cybersecurity, executives, decision-makers and administrators can finally bridge the cybersecurity business gap, mitigating escalating risk from boundless points of exposure — all with less cost and human intervention than conventional security.

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SonicWall Staff