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This week, cybersecurity experts band together to tackle coronavirus-related cyberthreats, SonicWall traces scareware, and healthcare systems weather cyberattacks.

SonicWall Spotlight

How to Stay Cyber-Secure While Working From Home – Raconteur

  • Picking up on a recent SonicAlert about scareware Raconteur talks to SonicWall’s Terry Greer-King about the rise in Coronavirus-related malware as more and more people work from home.

Podcast #113 – Uber Knowledge

Elite Hackers Target WHO As Coronavirus Cyberattacks Spike – Information Security Buzz

  • With hackers reported to have tried to break into the World Health Organization earlier this month, SonicWall’s Terry Greer-King talks to Information Security Buzz about the ever-changing cyber threat landscape, explaining that real-time defense mechanisms are needed to deal with attacks that can also change in real-time.

Cybersecurity News

Coronavirus Hackers Face the Wrath of the Cybersecurity Community – Verdict

  • As COVID-19 continues to spread around the planet, cybersecurity professionals have started a grassroots fight against cybercriminals taking advantage. A group of over 600 expert volunteers is working to map and takedown the attack infrastructure, handing over to law enforcement anyone they can specifically identify.

Malware Disguised as Google Updates Pushed via Hacked News Sites – Bleepin Computer

  • Hacked corporate sites and news blogs running using the WordPress CMS are redirecting people who visit the websites to a fake Google-update phishing page that eventually installs malware on their computers.

Senator Sounds Alarm on Cyber Threats to Internet Connectivity During Coronavirus Crisis – The Hill

  • Senator Mark Warner, vice chairman on the Senate Intelligence Committee, is asking companies like Google to ensure that the cybersecurity on their products are absolutely of the highest possible standard, emphasizing that “it is… imperative that consumer Internet infrastructure not be used as attack vectors to consumer systems and workplace networks accessed from home.”

Hacker Selling Data of 538 Million Weibo Users – ZDNet

  • The personal details of more than 538 million users of Chinese social network Weibo have been put up for sale on the dark web. Personal details include real names, site usernames, gender, location, and some phone numbers, but not passwords.

Paris Hospitals Target of Failed Cyber-Attack, Authority Says – Bloomberg

  • The Paris hospital authority, AP-HP, was the target of a thwarted cyberattack on March 22, according to France’s cybersecurity agency.

Singapore Most Exposed, but Also Most Prepared in Cybersecurity: Deloitte – ZDNet

  • A new study by Deloitte has found that Singapore, with its high internet adoption rate, is the modern city that is both the most exposed to cyber threats and also most prepared to deal with them.

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