Cyber Security News & Trends – 02-28-20


This week, SonicWall firewalls win an award and the company is named one of the coolest Network Security Companies of 2020.

SonicWall Spotlight

SonicWall Wins Best UTM Security Solution at SC Awards 2020 – SonicWall Blog

  • SC Media honors SonicWall and the NSa 2650 Firewall with its Best UTM Security Solution at the 2020 SC Awards Gala. Marrying Capture Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection (RTDMI) the NSa 2650 firewall proactively blocks mass-market, zero-day threats and unknown malware, and examines every byte of every packet.

The 20 Coolest Network Security Companies Of 2020: The Security 100 – CRN

  • As part of CRN’s 2020 Security 100 list, SonicWall is named as one of the 20 companies that have “raised their game to meet continued network security needs.” SonicWall’s My WorkSpace interface and improvements in Capture Client and Cloud App Security are cited as the reasons SonicWall is included on the list.

Life Lessons: Look at Business as a Game of Chess – IoT NOW

  • SonicWall EMEA VP Terry Greer-King is interviewed by IoT Now. He talks about his career so far, some of the worst bosses he has worked under, and what’s firing up his imagination in 2020 when it comes to the Internet of Things.

Cybersecurity News

To Secure Satellites, Bolster Cybersecurity Standards in Space – Undark

  • With Space X planning to launch tens of thousands of satellites over the next decade, the reality of cyberattacks on such a system is something that needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later. Despite some movement by the US government to address these issues, there are currently no cybersecurity standards for satellites and no governing body to regulate and ensure their cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity: Do These Ten Things to Keep Your Networks Secure from Hackers – ZDNet

  • In the wake of continued cyberattacks on the health sector, the European cybersecurity agency, ENISA, has issued cybersecurity recommendations to hospitals and medical institutions in the form of ten good practices to help resilience against cyberattacks.

How Personality Influences Cybersecurity Behavior – Security Boulevard

  • The Myers-Briggs Company has released preliminary findings of a study investigating how personality types can influence cybersecurity behaviors, breaking down the results into their famous personality types. From this, a list of guidelines and tips on how to best structure security awareness solutions for the different personality types has been developed.

Australian Banks Targeted by DDoS Extortionists – ZDNet

  • A criminal gang has been attempting to extort banks and other financial institutions in Australia, threatening DDoS attacks on their websites unless a ransom is paid. Based on current evidence, the attackers have not followed through on any of their threats.

One in Four Americans Won’t do Business with Data-Breached Companies – ZDNet

  • A new survey of over 1,000 people in the USA has found that over 20% of them are willing to hand over financial information to a company that has suffered a data breach. Almost all respondents agree that businesses are financially liable to their customers after a breach.

Cybersecurity Threats for 2020 – Security Boulevard

  • Deepfakes, ransomware… and how to protect yourself from them. Security Boulevard looks at the biggest cybersecurity threats of 2020.

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