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This week, a SonicWall firewall achieves a perfect score in a real-world conditions laboratory test, and airports are getting ahead of the game when it comes to cybersecurity readiness.

SonicWall Spotlight

Tip of the Spear – Ping Podcast Episode 13 –

  • SonicWall’s Matt Brennan talks on the latest episode of Ping,’s podcast. He explains the risks of spearphishing and business email compromise for Office 365 users, and talks about the worst hands-on cybersecurity situation he has ever seen.

SonicWall Firewall Achieves Perfect Effectiveness Score, Tested in Real-World Conditions via NetSecOPEN Laboratory – SonicWall Press Release

  • This week SonicWall announced that it is one of the first security vendors to receive firewall certification in the 2020 NetSecOPEN Test Report. The SonicWall NSa 4650 firewall achieved 100% security effectiveness against all private CVEs used in the test.

Facilities Firm ISS World Crippled by Ransomware Attack – ComputerWeekly

  • Denmark-based facilities management firm ISS World disconnected from the internet after suffering a suspected ransomware attack that has left hundreds of thousands of employees without access to their systems or email. SonicWall CEO Bill Conner is quoted talking about changing ransomware tactics, as recently reported in the 2020 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report.

Cybersecurity News

Anxiety, Depression and PTSD: The Hidden Epidemic of Data Breaches and Cyber Crimes – USA Today

  • USA Today explores the psychological effects of cyberattacks, arguing that they can rival those of terrorism. According to a recent survey 86% of victims of identity theft reported feeling worried, angry and frustrated, nearly 70% felt they could not trust others and they felt unsafe, and more than two-thirds reported feelings of powerlessness or helplessness.

Oil Industry Boosts Spending on Cybersecurity Five-Fold Since 2017 – Security Boulevard

  • The Oil & Gas sectors have been investing heavily cyber-defenses over the past three years. In a just published global survey of the industry, cybersecurity was cited as the biggest current investment.

US Defense Agency Says Personal Data ‘Compromised’ in 2019 Data Breach – Tech Crunch

  • The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), charged with providing information technology and communications support to the U.S. government, including the president and other senior officials, says its network may have been compromised between May and July 2019. Full details on the attack or what was accessed have not been released.

Phishing on Instagram Baits Russians With Free Money Promise – Bleeping Computer

  • A large-scale phishing campaign has been discovered running on Instagram to bait Russians with a fake presidential decree that promises a lump-sum payment for a citizen to start their own business.

Hacking Brain-Computer Interfaces – ZDNet

  • Brain-computer interfaces are still new tech, but it has already been proven that current models can be hacked.

Cybersecurity Check-in: How Airports are Innovating Against Cyberattacks, Security Breaches and Failing Tech Systems – ItProPortal

  • Airports are always under the microscope when it comes to security breaches, whether physical or digital. ItProPortal investigates the current cybersecurity innovations taking place at airports and by airlines in general.

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