SonicWall Simplifies Day-to-Day Operations for MSSPs


For nearly three decades, SonicWall’s been a 100% channel company. Our global family of SonicWall SecureFirst partners, including MSSPs, are the lifeblood of our business.

To ensure their success — and to help protect more than 500,000 customers worldwide — SonicWall is always innovating with our partner community in mind. Today, we announce important ways SonicWall empowers MSSPs to simplify business, operations, security and customer management.

  • SonicWall unifies MSSP security offerings via the SonicWall Capture Cloud platform, which delivers integrated, end-to-end security.
  • SonicWall helps eliminate complexities of day-to-day MSSP operations by simplifying oversight, visibility and management of cybersecurity ecosystems.
  • SonicWall enables new, emerging or fast-growing MSSPs simple, time-saving methods to manage accounts, register products and control licensing.
  • SonicWall empowers MSSPs with real-time, per-customer analytics for smarter, faster and better decision-making capabilities.

The complete Capture Cloud Platform includes SonicWall’s full product portfolio —  firewalls, email security, wireless security, endpoint protection, cloud application security, etc. — to strengthen and unify security across cloud, web, network, wireless, mobile and endpoints. And a handful of new and enhanced offerings make this even easier.

Eliminate complexities of day-to-day MSSP operations

Leading this MSSP-focused announcement is the introduction of My Workspace, an intuitive new user interface and experience within the SonicWall Capture Security Center (CSC). My Workspace makes running a complex managed security service business simpler and more effective. 

Available to MSSPs, partners and end-users alike, My Workspace provides an intelligent, fluid workstream to easily and quickly on-board new customers, set up and manage multiple tenants, and provision role-based access control to manage and operate different customer environments.

My Workspace also provides valuable self-service capabilities that allow MSSPs to engage, collaborate and communicate with customers, and facilitate, track and resolve issues and support cases, as needed.

Available within SonicWall Global Management System (GMS) 9.2, SonicWall Zero-Touch Deployment helps MSSPs simplify and accelerate the provisioning process for SonicWall firewalls at remote and branch office locations — even those without on-site IT staff. Admins also can centrally push custom configurations to all zero-touch appliances at multiple sites across the globe.

SonicWall Workflow Automaton, also available via GMS 9.2, offers rigorous configuration processes that review, compare, validate and approve firewall policies prior to deployment. Approval groups are user-configurable to enforce customer security policies and/or meet regulatory requirements.

Easily manage accounts, register products and control licensing

SonicWall My Workspace even provides a snapshot of all products that have been registered by the account across multiple tenants, including managed by current account (e.g., fully managed customers) and/or shared by other accounts (e.g., co-managed customers).

The intuitive My Workspace dashboard gives MSSPs instant visibility and awareness of products that have expiring licenses or require software/firmware updates. MSSPs can easily perform bulk product registrations, activate licenses and recommend trials.

With the tenants workflow, MSSPs and large distributed enterprises can quickly onboard new tenants and register products to individual tenants for separation of data and policies. Tenant workflows also provide instant access to security operations teams across organizations, including granular, role-based access control to all products managed by Capture Security Center.

Make smarter, faster and better decisions

Updates to SonicWall Analytics (2.5) provides MSSPs an eagle-eye view into everything that is happening within their customers’ SonicWall security environments — all through a single pane of glass.

With real-time threat intelligence, MSSPs can focus time and effort on making decisive defense actions and orchestrating rapid responses against identified risks against their customers with greater visibility, accuracy and speed — all through a single pane of glass.

MSSP can also gain complete authority, agility and flexibility to perform deep drill-down investigative analysis of network traffic, users’ activities, access, connectivity, applications and utilization, the state of security assets, security events, threat profiles and other firewall-related data.

To better understand customer security postures, MSSPs can now view customer-specific risk levels directly on the My Workspace dashboard. Integrated SonicWall Risk Meters deliver real-time indicators of customer security postures in relation to active security controls, including third-party services. Categorize attacker actions, underscore current security gaps and implement responses to neutralize incoming attacks.

New user-based analytics helps MSSPs responsibly know users, content behaviors and bandwidth consumption to maintain reliability and security.

Finally, MSSPs can track, measure and run compliant and effective customer networks and security operations with powerful, pre-defined and custom reports. GMS automatically create and deliver over 140 pre-defined reports as well as the flexibility to create custom or brandable reports using any combination of auditable data for various used outcomes.

How MSSPs can embrace the power of the Capture Cloud Platform

By leveraging the Capture Cloud Platform, MSSPs can ease customer fears by solving their top pain points, including ransomware attacks, application vulnerabilities, encrypted threats, intrusions, account takeover (ATO), business email compromise (BEC), wireless security, data loss prevention, mobile security, phishing, endpoint protection, security management, shadow IT and more.

MSSPs also can eliminate security silos with an intelligence-driven ecosystem, which applies SonicWall’s entire suite of interconnected and interdependent security and management solutions across entire cloud or on-prem customer environments.

These innovative new and enhanced capabilities within SonicWall Capture Security Center and Global Management System empower MSSPs with greater views into customer environments to simplify management, automate account processes, speed decision-making, improve support and correct security gaps.

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Robert (Bob) VanKirk
President and CEO | Sonicwall
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