2019 North America Roadshow Series: SonicWall Showcases Complete Cybersecurity Portfolio, Capture Cloud Platform


As a company 100% committed to the channel, SonicWall has a proud, long-held tradition of putting our partners and customers first. Our 2019 North America Roadshow Series is one of our favorite opportunities to get some direct time with our committed partners and provide exciting and useful information to our customers.

This year, we are continuing our roadshow with remaining events taking place Oct. 1 through Dec. 5 in select cities across North America. We’re taking a unique, targeted approach to this year’s roadshow structure, by having separate dedicated sessions for our SecureFirst Partners, and additional demonstrations, meetings and activities opened up to both our partners and customers.

For SonicWall partners

The roadshow will give SecureFirst partners an exclusive opportunity to learn about the future direction of the company, spend valuable time with SonicWall product experts, and learn new ways to build their business. Partners will also get the opportunity to hear valuable feedback from each other and exchange ideas with their local SonicWall team.

In our partner-only sessions we will cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Introduction to the complete SonicWall portfolio and the Capture Cloud Platform
  • Overview of the newest elements added to the SecureFirst Partner Program
  • SonicWall Overdrive, the Partner Marketing Engine
  • Promotions and incentives
  • Unique insights into SonicWall’s product roadmap

This is an exciting opportunity for our SecureFirst partners to gain insight into our 2019/20 focus areas and go-to-market strategy.

For SonicWall customers

During our roadshow, SonicWall customers will experience an immersive day of practical content, including training and updates, on a variety of valuable areas:

Customers will also get the opportunity to hear valuable feedback from each other and exchange ideas with their local SonicWall team.

We are also delighted to provide meals, entertainment activities and opportunity for business networking during our events, ensuring the day is not only useful, but fun as well. The activities vary for each location. Please check out the registration page for each individual event for more details.

Register now

If you are interested in attending an upcoming roadshow event in North America, please reference the table below and register for a city near you.

DateLocationPartners OnlyPartners & Customers
October 1Los Angeles, CARegistration FullRegistration Full
October 3San Diego, CARegistration FullRegistration Full
October 3Hartford, CTRegistration FullRegistration Full
October 8Montreal, QCRegistration FullRegistration Full
October 8Detroit, MIRegistration FullRegistration Full
October 9Charlotte, NC-Registration Full
October 10Nashville, TN-Registration Full
October 10Raleigh, NC-Registration Full
October 10Pittsburgh, PA-Registration Full
October 16San Jose, CA-Registration Full
October 16Toronto, ONRegistration FullRegistration Full
October 17Sacramento, CA-Registration Full
October 17Phoenix, AZRegistration Full-
October 23Denver, CO-Registration Full
October 24Kansas City, KSRegistration FullRegistration Full
October 24Orlando, FLRegistration FullRegistration Full
October 28Baltimore, MD-Registration Full
October 30Ashburn, VA-Registration Full
November 8Seattle, WA-Registration Full
November 12New York, NYRegistration FullRegistration Full
November 14King Of Prussia, PA-Registration Full
December 5Milwaukee, WI-Registration Full

Please note availability is strictly limited and this event is targeted to the SonicWall SecureFirst partner community.

More partner news

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SonicWall Staff