SonicWall Awarded USETPA Contract


SonicWall has been awarded the U.S. Educational Technology Purchasing Alliance (USETPA) contract for wireless access pointsfirewalls (network security products) and related security services.

The USETPA assists public agencies to help reduce the cost of purchased goods through strategic sourcing that combines the volumes and the purchasing power of public agencies nationwide.

The USETPA reverse auction site helps K-12 schools, libraries, local government entities, community colleges and nonprofit groups request proposals from USETPA-approved vendors and select the proposal that offers the best value. This informal RFP allows users to negotiate the best value deal without the constraints of a formal RFP process.

Formed to leverage the purchasing power of schools, libraries and public entities, the USETPA created pre-bid convenience contracts on a ‘not-to-exceed-price basis,’ which means that every item purchased receives a discount while larger and aggregated orders may receive additional discounts.

End-users can be sure that all state and local procurement rules and regulations have been met — all while getting the lowest prices available.

E-rate and USETPA

USETPA subscribers applying for E-rate funding can use the USETPA Form 470 in lieu of, or in addition to, issuing their own Form 470. USETPA subscribers skip the burdensome 470 process while ensuring that all competitive bidding requirements have been met. By streamlining the E-rate application process, subscribers save valuable time and resources.

Purchasing Note

When filing Form 470s for SonicWall products through the USETPA program, please reference SonicWall USETPA contract number 719001. For additional questions related to USETPA and E-rate federal funding, please contact the USETPA at 910-333-6870.

How to USETPA services

Eligible or approved organizations may use USETPA in four ways:

  • Online Portal: End-users may register on the portal and request quotes via USETPA’s reverse auction process.
  • Offline Bid: ​Users can contact the USETPA (919-391-9558) which will conduct an offline bid on users’ behalf.
  • Direct with SonicWall Partners: Users may contact SonicWall, now an approved USETPA vendor, for pricing and to be paired with an authorized SonicWall SecureFirst partner. A copy of the invoice should be sent to the USETPA for certification.
  • Vendor Catalog: ​Users may purchase via a USETPA vendor catalog. In this case, all purchases are automatically registered.

SonicWall products eligible under USETPA

SonicWall cybersecurity products eligible under the new USETPA contract include a range of wireless access points and next-generation firewalls. This includes:

For assistance using the USETPA program, please contact your SonicWall SecureFirst partner representative or call SonicWall at +1-888-557-6642.

SonicWall Staff