Cyber Security News & Trends – 08-30-19


This week, Security in the Cloud with SonicWall, finding a way of measuring cybersecurity, and a long-term spyware attack on Apple’s operating system.

SonicWall Spotlight

How to Make Your Smart Home More Secure – Engadget

  • With Smart Homes becoming a reality, Engadget look at how to secure them from cyberattacks, including using a SonicWall TZ350.

Ping Episode 1: Security in the Cloud, Starring SonicWall – podcast

  • have launched a new podcast titled Ping and they interview SonicWall’s Shannon Emmons in their very first episode. She discusses makes Cloud App Security a uniquely SonicWall offering and outlines the types of subscriptions and support available to make Cloud App Security a convenient fit for SMBs and enterprises alike.

Cybersecurity News

Google Unearths 2-Year-Long iPhone Spyware Attack – Financial Times

  • Google’s security team has revealed a series of security flaws in Apple’s iOS operating system, active from iOS 10 to iOS 12. While the vulnerabilities have now been patched, they were actively exploited by an unknown entity for at least two years.

How to Make $1 Million From Hacking: Meet Six Hacker Millionaires – Forbes

  • Six millionaires who made their money through legitimate hacking, mostly cashing in on bug bounties, are interviewed by Forbes telling their stories.

French ‘Cybercops’ Dismantle Pirate Computer Network – BBC

  • French “cybergendarmes” have dismantled a botnet that had infected more than 850,000 computers worldwide after working with the FBI to track down the command server.

Hackers Could Steal a Tesla Model S by Cloning Its Key Fob—Again – Wired

  • Tesla’s flawed and patched Model S keyfob system has been shown to have another vulnerability – found by the same team who discovered the problems the first-time round. The good news is that where previously the keyfobs had to be replaced, the new flaws can be fixed with a wireless software update.

Android Google Play App With 100 Million Downloads Starts to Deliver Malware – ZDNet

  • CamScanner PDF creator is a hugely popular app that has been downloaded 100 million times since it was first released on the Google Play Store in 2010. It has now been removed from the store after it was discovered that it was delivering a Trojan to people who had it installed on their device. This is most likely due to a problem with the ad library the app uses rather than a decision by the makers of the app themselves.

How to Measure Cybersecurity – Lawfare Blog

  • In a complex article Lawfare Blog investigates quantitative vs. qualitative attempts to find a successful metric for measuring cybersecurity systems.

Quantum Computing: The New Moonshot in the Cyber Space Race – HelpNetSecurity

  • The race to develop quantum computing has been heating up since China launched the first quantum communications satellite in 2016. HelpNetSecurity covers the history of quantum computing as China and the USA compete to be the first country to successfully reach “Q-Day.”
And Finally:

Astronaut Accused of Identity Theft, Accessing Estranged Wife’s Bank Account, From International Space Station – SC Magazine

  • An astronaut is being accused of identity theft after accessing her estranged wife’s financial information… from the International Space Station.

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