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This week, SonicWall named one of the 10 coolest IoT security vendors, Health Care has a huge cybersecurity problem, and LockerGoga is spreading fast.

SonicWall Spotlight

2019 Internet of Things 50: 10 Coolest IoT Security Vendors – CRN

  • CRN name SonicWall as one of the 10 coolest IoT security vendors of 2019.

A Closer Look at LockerGoga, the Ransomware Crippling Industrial Giants – Verdict (UK)

How K–12 Schools Can Use Next-Generation Content Filtering to Keep Students Safe – EdTech Magazine

  • EdTech magazine looks at the evolving content filtering services available for K-12 schools. With older services no longer supplying adequate security and often over-blocking content, they recommend modern granular tools like SonicWall’s Content Filtering Services (CFS) which allows multiple, customized policies and categories.

Cyber Security News

Health Care’s Huge Cybersecurity Problem – The Verge

  • With health care increasingly relying on internet connected devices many hospitals simply do not have adequate cybersecurity plans in place. The Verge investigates the risks to the healthcare system posed by cyberattacks, including already successful implementations of WannaCry and NotPetya.

Yahoo Strikes $117.5 Million Data Breach Settlement After Earlier Accord Rejected – Reuters

  • Yahoo strikes a revised settlement with millions of people whose email addresses and other personal information were stolen in the largest data breach in history. The new settlement includes at least $55 million for victims’ out-of-pocket expenses and other costs, $24 million for two years of credit monitoring, up to $30 million for legal fees, and up to $8.5 million for other expenses.

Cybersecurity Testing Exercise for EU Elections – Government Europa

  • The European Parliament has deployed a series of cybersecurity tests in anticipation of the European elections in May aiming to test the efficacy of crisis response protocols and explore new ways of detecting and preventing online cyberattacks.

Largest Leak in History: Email Data Breach Exposes Over Two Billion Personal Records – CPO Magazine

  • Estimates for the volume of records exposed in the recent data breach have climbed from initial reports of 763 million records to a little over two billion records, setting a new world record.

Norsk Hydro Repairs Systems and Investigates After Ransomware Attack – Wall Street Journal

  • Norwegian aluminum and energy company Norsk Hydro confirmed a LockerGoga ransomware attack in March crippled the company’s global operations.

Dragonblood Vulnerabilities Disclosed in WiFi WPA3 Standard – ZDNet

  • The security researchers who previously disclosed the 2017 KRACK attack on the WiFi WPA2 standard have now released details on a group of vulnerabilities on WiFi WPA3, dubbing them “Dragonblood”.

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