Capture Security Center: Knowledge, Visibility & Control of Your Cyber Security Ecosystem


For many organizations, the fear of being targeted by cybercriminals runs deep, especially as news of the latest high-profile cyberattacks dominate the headlines. Managing security and responding to cyber risks and events are major issues organizations face on a daily basis.

In May 2018 alone, the average SonicWall customer faced 2,302 malware attacks — a 56 percent year-over-year increase. Of those, on average, 62 were ransomware attacks, which are well known for forcing entire organizations to cease operations.

Insufficient visibility and knowledge of these risks within the network fabric compounds the problem. This makes it nearly impossible for security teams to detect and uncover unsafe network and user activities, and calibrate security policies at the speed and accuracy they need to maintain a robust security posture.

Making matters worse, organizations are burdened with managing and operating complex and fragmented security silos. Administrations are often cumbersome and labor-intensive.

Tasks and processes are generally uncorroborated and non-compliant. This level of technology fragmentation and operation disarray has businesses demanding for an integrated approach for security, management and reporting, analytics and real-time threat intelligence.

Unified Security Governance, Compliance & Risk Management

To help organization in that effort, SonicWall is expanding the capabilities of the Capture Security Center to deliver the foundation for a unified security governance, compliance and risk management strategy.

Capture Security Center offers the ultimate in visibility, agility and capacity to govern entire SonicWall security operations and services with greater clarity, precision and speed — all from one simple, common cloud interface that can be accessed from any location and any web-enabled device.

The integration-friendly nature of the Capture Security Center is ideal for a variety of organizations and use cases, including distributed enterprises and service providers that are adopting cloud computing for cost efficiencies.

Now, these organizations can easily manage their complete security ecosystem with single-sign-on access to license, provision and manage their network, endpoint and cloud security services. This includes:

New Enhancements to Capture Security Center

Capture Security Center simplifies and automates various tasks to promote tighter security coordination while reducing the complexity, time and expense of performing security operations and administrations. Key Capture Security Center updates include:

  • Integrated Threat Intelligence — Improve security outcomes from the firewall to the endpoint with integrated threat intelligence between the SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) sandbox service, Capture Client endpoint protection and SentinelOne threat databases.
  • Workflow Automation — Conform to customary firewall policy change management and auditing requirements of various regulatory mandates, such as PCI, HIPAA and GDPR.
  • Zero-Touch Deployment — Reduce time, cost and complexity associated with the installation, configuration and provisioning of firewalls at remote and branch office locations.
  • Flexible Reporting — Leverage more than 140 pre-defined report templates to gain awareness of network events, user activities, threats, operational and performance issues, security efficacy, risks and security gaps, compliance readiness and post-mortem analysis.
  • Intelligence-Driven Analytics — Use aggregation, normalization, correlation and contextualization of security data to empower security teams, analysts, auditors, boards, C-suites and stakeholders to discover, interpret, prioritize and implement intelligence-driven decisions.
  • Scalable Cloud Architecture — Scale Capture Security Center on demand to support thousands of SonicWall security devices under its management, regardless of location.

Predictable, Cost-Effective Security Management

With Capture Security Center, there is no upfront cost and no on-premise equipment. It is offered as a cloud-hosted solution with yearly subscription license options. With software updates and support included in an active subscription service, access to the latest innovations and enhancements is immediate.

This gives organizations and managed service providers (MSP) a unified security management, analytic and reporting platform without the financial risks or technical challenges of supporting a solely owned infrastructure.

Visit the Capture Security Center to access additional information and learn how it can enables security team take smarter security policy and control actions towards a sharper, safer, and compliant network environment.

SonicWall Staff