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SonicWall Spotlight

Bringing Visibility to the Midmarket  Data Breach Today

  • In a video interview with ISMG’s Data Breach Today, SonicWall’s Bill Conner shares his vision to ensure smaller and mid-sized businesses have a clear view of the threat landscape taking aim at their companies. In the video he expands on the SME visibility challenge, SonicWall’s solutions to improve alerts and analytics and how SonicWall is addressing customer cloud security concerns.

Jonesboro Council Tackles Cybersafety  The Clayton News Daily

  • Due to the recent Atlanta data breach, other cities are taking the initiative to bolster their preventative cybersecurity measures such as Georgia’s Jonesboro City Council who recommend SonicWall’s TZ300 Firewall solution to protect the city’s financial data.

SonicAlert: New Variant Family of PUBG Ransomware  SonicWall Security Center

  • The SonicWall Capture Labs Threat Research Team has observed reports of a new variant family of PUBG Ransomware [Pubg.RSM] actively spreading in the wild. PUBG Ransomware encrypts the victim’s files and forces them to play an hour of a game called PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to get their files back.

Cyber Security News

Almost Half UK Businesses Suffered Cyberattack or Security Breach Last Year, Figures Show  The Independent

  • Nearly half the businesses in the UK have fallen victim to cyberattacks or security breaches in the last year, costing them each thousands of pounds, new data shows.

Global Police Just Shut Down World’s Largest Marketplace That Allegedly Disrupted Millions of Sites  The Washington Post

  • An international police operation recently shut down the world’s largest for-hire service that allegedly slowed and disrupted millions of websites using malicious cyber tools, officials said Wednesday.

Traffic Hijack: Users Sent to Phishing Site in Two-Hour Cryptocurrency Heist  ZDNet

  • Attackers on Tuesday pulled off a complex attack using kinks in core internet infrastructure that caused users of an Ethereum wallet developer’s website to be redirected to a phishing site.

Huawei Under Criminal Investigation Over Iran Sanctions  The Wall Street Journal

  • The Justice Department is investigating whether Huawei Technologies Co. violated U.S. sanctions related to Iran, according to people familiar with the matter, opening a new avenue of scrutiny amid wider national-security concerns over the Chinese cellular-electronics giant.

This Ransomware was Rewritten to Mine Cryptocurrency – and Destroy Your Files  ZDNet

  • Some criminals are shifting from ransomware to cryptocurrency miners — those behind XiaoBa have rejigged the code to shift the same malware towards a different focus.

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